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 Guestbook Entries: Add Your Comments
Name: Margo Geller
Location: Atlanta, Georgia   United States 
Comments: I look forward to being part of this amazing network of therapists from all over the States and Canada. So far I like the site!
Name: Zemelda
Location: Mansfield, Texas   USA 
Comments: Great Site.
Name: Ann
Location: Perrysburg, Ohio   USA 
Comments: I work for Ackerman-Spain Counseling Services and would like to join your network, since 1 of our patients has been switched to Inhealth. Our office # is 419-873-0891. Any information to join would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Name: Carole McKelvey
Location: Pittsburgh, PA   USA 
Comments: I have accidentally deleted my there any way I can restore it without completely rebuilding it?
Name: Luz
Location: Tampa, Florida   Hillsborough 
Comments: Great site, very informtive.
Name: susan
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio   United States 
Comments: Read some interesting things on this sight
I'll be back for updates and reviewing
Thanks -
Name: Darlene
Location: Sarasota, FL 
Comments: What does it cost to join the network?
Name: Michael
Location: sterling, ut   usa 
Comments: Interesting, will do some exploring. thanks
Name: marie
Location: glenside, pa   usa 
Comments: like it
Name: Dawn
Location: Carlyle, Illinois   United States 
Comments: Do you have anyone within 40-50 miles of 62231 that does EMDR with the buzzers for PTSD?
Name: Brandi Starling
Location: Huntington Beach, California   United States of America 
Comments: I'm an Army brat who lost my big brother to the fighting in Afghanistan. Hoping to find some peace here.
Name: Jeff Krieger
Location: Beacon, NY   USA 
Comments: I am the Founder & Director of the S.O.A.P. (Strategies Overcoming Aquatic Phobias) Program and am preparing for my presentation at the upcoming World Aquatic Health Conference. I work with a widely diverse population of individuals who are unable to enjoy the many emotional, physical and recreational benefits that result from participating in aquatic activities due to varying degrees of fear surrounding water. I would welcome any statistics from the mental health community regarding their patients who seek treatment for this condition.

Thank you,

Jeff Krieger, MS
SOAP Program Director
Name: Janet
Location: St Louis, Missouri 
Comments: My agency, Provident, has Survivors of Suicide support groups and a national crisis intervention hotline. How do I get this information on your website? Thanks.
Name: Dennis
Location: Charlotte, NC   usa 
Comments: need information on therapists, doctors in zip code 28277. Like the site.
Name: Anu
Location: Orlando, FL   US 
Comments: Thank you. Lot's of awesome info on this site.
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