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Find a licensed therapist for in-person or telehealth therapy/counseling services. Our Provider Directory offers a searchable database of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and treatment centers nationwide dedicated to providing treatment services and support for those with mental health concerns.

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Access up-to-date and authoritative information on mental health disorders and conditions, psychotropic medications, and various theoretical approaches to counseling and psychotherapy. Browse our comprehensive news archive or look up definitions of commonly used mental health terms.

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Our Resource Center offers quick access to information on local and online support groups, national toll-free hotlines, mental health books, and an extensive collection of Web sites annotated and organized by mental health topic.

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Our services are designed specifically to help psychologists, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and other mental health providers build and maintain a dynamic online presence and gain valuable exposure to new clients/patients and referral sources.

List your practice or treatment center in our Provider Directory and reach a broader and more targeted audience than traditional yellow page listings. Tap into a steady stream of potential clients actively seeking local and online therapy and counseling services. Communicate in detail your unique credentials and expertise.

Supplement your directory profile with a professionally designed custom website that can be tailored to address the distinctive needs and goals of your practice or organization.

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Featured Therapist
Charley Wininger, LP, LMHC
New York, NY
"Whether you're single or part of a couple, you know that sometimes, life demands change. I can help you manage that change so that it doesn't manage you. You will find me most helpful if you're in a tough transition in your love or work life, or if you're feeling stuck in a rut. I specialize in male-female relationships, men's issues, and issues related to aging. In addition, ..."

   in Mental Health
Large number of COVID-19 survivors will experience cognitive complications
Oxford Brookes University - 3/4/2021
Mental health treatment rate rose early in pandemic: Kaiser Permanente analysis finds 7% increase in visits over same period in 2019
Kaiser Permanente - 3/3/2021
Learning about health from trusted sources may help teens battle depression
Penn State - 3/3/2021
Depression and anxiety among first-year college students worsen during pandemic: Study by UNC-Chapel Hill shows impact of social isolation and remote instruction
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - 3/3/2021
The social and economic cost of eating disorders in the United States
Wiley - 3/3/2021
Custom diets are essential to mental health, new research shows
Binghamton University - 3/3/2021
Excessive social media use linked to binge eating in US preteens: For kids, screen time may go hand-in-hand with high-calorie snacking, UCSF- University of Toronto study shows
University of Toronto - 3/1/2021
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