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Acute Stress
Adjustment Disorder
Alzheimer's Disease
Amnestic Disorders
Amphetamine Depen.
Antisocial Personality
Avoidant Personality
Binge Eating Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Body Dysmorphia
Borderline Personality
Brief Psychotic Dis.
Cannabis Dependence
Child Abuse
Chronic Tics
Circadian Rhythm Dis.
Cocaine Dependence
Conduct Disorder
Conversion Disorder
Delusional Disorder
Dependent Personality
Dissociative Amnesia
Dissociative Fugue
Dissociative Identity
Domestic Violence
Elder Abuse
Expressive Lang. Dis.
Factitious Disorder
Feeding Disorder
Female Orgasmic Dis.
Gender Dysphoria
Generalized Anxiety
Hallucinogen Depen.
Histrionic Personality
Inhalant Dependence
Intellectual Disability
Male Erectile Disorder
Male Orgasmic Dis.
Mathematics Disorder
Narcissistic Personality
Nicotine Dependence
Nightmare Disorder
Opioid Dependence
Oppositional Defiant
Pain Disorder
Panic Disorder
Paranoid Personality
Pathological Gambling
Phencyclidine Depen.
Phonological Disorder
Postpartum Depression
Premature Ejaculation
Primary Hypersomnia
Primary Insomnia
Reactive Attachment
Reading Disorder
Restless Legs Synd.
Rett Syndrome
Rumination Disorder
Schizoaffective Dis.
Schizoid Personality
Schizophreniform Dis.
Schizotypal Personality
Sedative Dependence
Selective Mutism
Separation Anxiety
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Arousal Dis.
Sexual Aversion Dis.
Sexual Desire Dis.
Sexual Masochism
Sexual Sadism
Shared Psychotic Dis.
Sleep Apnea
Sleep Terror
Social Phobia
Specific Phobia
Stereotypic Movement
Tourette Syndrome
Transient Tics
Transvestic Fetishism
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» Resource Center » Related Websites » Suicide
  • American Association of Poison Control Centers
    The American Association of Poison Control Centers is a Nationwide organization of poison centers and interested individuals. It provides a forum for poison centers and interested individuals to promote the reduction of morbidity and mortality form poisoning and sets voluntary standards for poison centers. It also produces publications and holds a yearly conference.

  • American Association of Suicidology
    The American Association of Suicidology is dedicated to the understanding and prevention of suicide. The organization promotes research, public awareness programs, and education and training for professionals and volunteers.

  • American College of Emergency Physicians
    The American College of Emergency Physicians promotes the highest standards of patient care through its advocacy and leadership. This web site contains information on the organization, fact sheets, information on continuing education, and many other resources.

  • American Correctional Health Services Association
    The ACHSA mission is to be the voice of the correctional healthcare profession, and serve as an effective forum for communication addressing current issues and needs confronting correctional healthcare.

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is the only international non-profit organization dedicated to funding the research and education needed to prevent suicide.

  • American School Health Association
    The American School Health Association unites the many professionals working in schools who are committed to safeguarding the health of school-aged children. The Association, a multidisciplinary organization of administrators, counselors, dentists, health educators, physical educators, school nurses and school physicians, advocates high-quality school health instruction, health services and a healthful school environment.

  • Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs
    The Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs is an organization representing State public health leaders and other individuals and organizations working to improve the health and well being of all women, children, youth, and families. The group accomplishes its mission through partnerships with government agencies and the participation of its members, families, advocates, health care purchasers, providers, academic and research professionals, and others at the National, State and local levels.

  • Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
    The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials is a National non-profit organization representing the State and territorial public health agencies of the United States, the U.S. Territories, and the District of Columbia. Its members, the chief health officials of these jurisdictions, are dedicated to formulating and influencing sound public health policy, and to assuring excellence in State-based public health practice. This site provides information on events, policy statements, and publications.

  • Befrienders International
    Befrienders International is a network of centers run by trained volunteers that offer a free listening service that is non-judgmental and completely confidential. People are befriended by telephone, letter and email, and in face-to-face meetings.

  • First World Report on Violence and Health (Full Report)
    This report, produced by the World Health Organization, is written mainly for researchers and practitioners. Its goals are to raise global awareness about the problems of violence and to make the case that violence is preventable and that public health systems have a crucial role to play in addressing its causes and consequences.

  • Georgia's Suicide Prevention Plan
    People can stop suicide. This fact is the foundation of the Georgia Suicide Prevention Plan. This web site provides the plan’s text and staff contact information.

  • Iowa State Prevention Programs
    This web site provides an overview of Iowa’s prevention programs for violence and abusive behavior.

  • Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation
    One of the two areas of interest for this foundation are Childhood and Adolescent Depression, including suicide and suicide prevention. Grants have primarily fallen under the categories of Intervention and Referral, Prevention, Public Education/Training, and Infrastructure. The Foundation also sponsors a Fellowship Program for post-doctoral research in depression.

  • National Center for Suicide Prevention Training
    The National Center for Suicide Prevention Training (NCSPT) currently has two internet-based workshops. The first one, “Locating, Understanding, and Presenting Youth Suicide Data” and is available on an ongoing basis. The second workshop, "Planning and Evaluation for Youth Suicide Prevention" is being prepared for pilot testing. This web site provides more information on the trainings.

  • National Police Suicide Foundation
    The numbers of deaths due to suicide are 2 to 3 times the number of line of duty deaths among law enforcement agencies and emergency workers. The mission of the National P.O.L.I.C.E. Suicide Foundation is to provide suicide awareness and prevention training programs and support services that will meet the psychological and spiritual needs of emergency workers and their families.

  • National Resource Center for Suicide Prevention and Aftercare
    The NRC's goal is to provide suicide-related community education in the areas of prevention, intervention, and aftercare, as well as healing support services for families, youth, and those affected by the psychological trauma of suicide.

  • National Strategy for Suicide Prevention Indicators
    The goal of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention Indicators project is to identify and develop indicators for each of the strategy's objectives. Indicators are measured in order to quantify the achievement of an objective.

  • Ohio's Suicide Prevention Program
    Ohio's Suicide Prevention Plan is the next step in saving lives and reducing suicidal behaviors by developing a comprehensive strategy in response to a very complex set of issues.

  • Selected Reviews of Suicide Research - 2001
    This list of review articles was compiled by the NIMH Suicide Research Consortium, whose members have found the articles useful when providing technical assistance to grant applicants.

  • SOS High School Suicide Prevention Program
    The SOS Suicide Prevention Program provides school health professionals with all the educational materials necessary to replicate this easy-to-use program in a variety of school settings. Schools have the flexibility to make use of the materials in as large or small a program as their needs and resources dictate. The program can also be blended into an existing health curriculum. You can find out more about it at their web site.

  • State and Territorial Injury Prevention Directors' Association
    The mission of the State and Territorial Injury Prevention Director’s Association is to promote, sustain, and enhance the ability of State and Territorial public health departments to reduce death and disability associated with injuries. It accomplishes its mission by disseminating information on state-of-the-art injury prevention and control policies and strategies.

  • Students Against Destructive Decisions
    Students Against Destructive Decision strive to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions. Their site has a number of resources including fact sheets, a resource center, a list of events, and newsletters.

  • Suicide Among the Aged (Canada)
    This web site illustrates, through statistics, that suicide rates for the elderly exceed suicide rates among adolescents.

  • Suicide Prevention Action Network of USA (SPAN)
    The Suicide Prevention Action Network USA is a non-profit national organization that links the energy of those bereaved or touched by suicide with the expertise of leaders in science, health, business, government and public service to achieve the goal of significantly reducing the national rate of suicide by the year 2010.

  • Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network - California
    Suicide Prevention Advocacy Network-California (SPAN-California) was founded in 1999 as a force for suicide prevention, an arena for collaboration among agencies, and a voice in the California state capital.

  • The Project Hope Foundation
    The Project Hope Foundation is dedicated to reducing depression and suicide (especially youth suicide). It has books, videos and instructions on self-education and how to run Life Skills Open Forums.

  • Training Institute for Suicide Assessment and Clinical Interviewing
    This group provides mental health professionals with information on the development of suicide prevention skills, crisis intervention skills, and clinical interviewing skills.

  • University of Washington, MCH Program
    On December 8-9, 2002, the Northwest Children's Public Health Network: Building an Action Agenda for Mental Health was held in Seattle, Washington. Representatives from six States met to identify issues specific to the region and their communities and to outline State plans for promoting mental health in children and young people. Four plenary speakers presented information on mental health at various stages of childhood and adolescence and took part in a panel discussion. The details of the meeting are found on this web site.

  • World Health Organization Fact Sheet on Violence
    This fact sheet, prepared by the World Health Organization, contains worldwide statistics for suicide and self inflicted injuries.

  • World Health Organization Report on Violence and Health - Summary
    This document is a comprehensive summary to the World Health Organizations first World Report on Violence and Health.

The information above was taken, in part, from material provided by SAMHSA.

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