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Michael J. Kron, M.D. (Psychiatry And Psychopharmacology)

Location: Michael J. Kron, M.D.
1655 North Main Street, Suite 200
(On 2nd Floor)
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Phone: (510) 393-2127
Email: Send email to Michael J. Kron, M.D. (Psychiatry And Psychopharmacology) Send email
Profession: Psychiatrist
Services: Telehealth (Video/Phone) Therapy
Medication Evaluations
Medication Management
Psychiatric Evaluations
Second Opinions and Expert Help

Our office is open for in-person care. Contact us for an appointment. If we are a good match and if my schedule works for you, then I hope we'll meet soon. (I do offer some phone or video visits if requested for follow-up appointments.)
Session Formats: Individuals
Practice Description: 60+ client & colleague reviews describe my approach & how much (or how little) I may have helped someone feel better: ex) Allison D. posted this 5 Star Review on Google, July 11, 2023, "I researched extensively in searching for a new psychiatrist, having moved away from my previous psychiatrist of 13 years. Once I found Dr. Kron, I stopped searching and got myself on his cancelation waiting list. Just before I was going to give up waiting and start searching again, he had a cancelation that allowed me to get in to see him. I can not express how thankful I am to have found him. He did the most comprehensive intake I have ever experienced. Absolutely focused on helping his patients and exploring deep to find solutions. By far the best psychiatrist I have ever had."

Susan G. posted 5 Star Review on Yelp, July 24, 2022 "I have not seen him In awhile but Dr Kron and his assistant Nan were incredibly kind, warm and Dr Kron has a great personality and sense of humor in addition to being brilliant. I had some unexpected health issues but am working on these. I certainly wish his rates had not increased so dramatically but supply/demand. Remarkable human being who helped me with severe anxiety at the time."

Susan K. posted 5 Star Review on Yelp, February 15, 2021 "I recommend him to treat your psychiatric problems such as ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. He seems to really understand me and my problems and works to relieve symptoms and get you on track."

I.B. ~San Francisco, CA. posted 5 Star Review on Yelp, September 13, 2020 "Dr. Kron is a great psychiatrist. My anxiety and depression improved as soon as I switched over to him. I highly recommend him to anyone who need psychiatric help."

Lien H. ~Hayward, CA Posted 5 Star Review on Yelp on 11/13/2018 Dr. Krohn is awesome. I was desperate on getting help for my friend who has PTSD and untreated ADHD for over 50+ years. I love his approach on treating his patient. He took the time and took a great care of my friend. Thank you Dr. Krohn, you are truly an angel.

Qazi T. ~San Francisco, Ca. posted 5 Star Review on Yelp on May 30, 2018
Dr. Michael J. Kron is one of the best doctors that I have had the opportunity to receive treatment from for the last 8 years. He is highly professional and competent as a doctor; and most humane and gracious as an individual. He is always patient and empathetic; he is an asset of the society that we live in. I am certain you, the reader, will be one with me in that the past brings us many gifts; indeed, all that we have today of culture, civilization, science, and knowledge of some aspects of the truth, is a gift of the distant or recent past to us. In the same tune the treatments that I received from Dr. Kron for the past so many years are the gifts which I could not have received without his professional expertise and human virtues. Further, it is curious how sometimes a relatively minor event impresses one more than a major happening. Trivial words or gestures are apt to reveal an individual far more than his studied poses and utterances. So is true with Dr. Kron; his spontaneous attitudes and interactions with the patients bring out the best and rare attributes in him which are rarely found in others. During the periods of difficulty, storm, and stress in my life I have found not only a proficient doctor in him, but, also a sympathizing friend. I wish him all the best.

Erika W posted 5 Star Review on Yelp on April 30, 2018
Currently Dr. Kron has a full practice (I just heard this on his voicemail). I’m not surprised as not only does he have a vast knowledge of treatment options, but he cares about his patients’ lives (not just their symptoms). He has always taken time to make sure I’m doing well. Super smart, kind and great sense of humor – what more could you want from a psychiatrist?

Jay C. Clayton, Ca. posted 5 Star Review on Yelp 2/12/2017:
Dr. Kron is the BEST psychiatrist I have EVER seen over almost the last twenty years! I am NOT overstating the facts…

He was the first Doctor to administer real, objective psychological tests to identify my issue(s). I have seen many psychiatrists for severe depression beginning in the fall of 1997. Aside from Dr. Kron, I have seen four psychiatrists and NOT ONE EVER used any objective measure(s) before diagnosing me and prescribing medication. When I first came into their office(s), they would typically listen to me and, after ten minutes or so, diagnose me, prescribe medication and that was pretty much it until “next time.” I think it is also due to his specializing in psychopharmacology in addition to his psychiatric qualifications that has enabled him to assess me further through lab results as well.

Dr. Kron REALLY LISTENED to me and I felt that his treatment of me is as much a human partnership as it is one of Doctor and patient. He is not intimidating and you can feel free to discuss anything with him which I think is very rare among medical professionals. His modification of my meds has lead directly to a SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT in my symptoms and I have never felt better!

I HIGHLY recommend him!

Ryan L. Clayton, Ca. posted 5 Star Review on Yelp 2/9/2017
Dr. Kron is comprehensively brilliant and compassionate. After reading his yelp reviews I decided that I at least had to see what the hype was all about. Believe what you read.

Dr. Kron is in very high demand and I was lucky enough that he had a cancellation and the opening fit into my schedule. Dr. Kron spent many hours with me and my spouse on our initial visit going through my entire medical history; blood work, previous diagnoses, testing, medication history, and symptoms. He demonstrated a keen intellect and a very high degree of knowledge (clearly gained through a passion for his line of work and a love of learning) that he applied to my complex and confusing situation. There is no doubt that his evidence based approach, and research backed recommendations, come from a profound respect for the effectiveness of the scientific method. His previous experience as a scientist is a real asset. He seems to be able to spot salacious pseudoscience from a mile away and filter through studies that lack the controls needed to draw accurate conclusions and separate correlation from causation. He is able to handle complexity like a genius. He utilizes a latticework of mental models that can only come from intense study in many fields (nearly every subject we touched on, and there was a wide range, Dr. Kron had a surprising level of knowledge and wisdom) and many years of practice. You can’t help but notice that he takes what he does seriously and cares about helping those who suffer. I always leave feeling inspired to double my efforts, follow his recommendations to the best of my ability, and seek wisdom in the same way he does.

Dr. Kron was able to see what many other mental health professionals, all across the nation, had missed. I had been looking for exactly the expertise he possesses for many years. He tested me for many different conditions, listened carefully to my experience of life, took into account my family history, and appeared to fully understand what it is like to live with a condition like mine with its many complicating and interacting factors. Many doctors I had seen over the years suffered from the “man with a hammer syndrome” to which every problem looks like a nail. This myopic view fails to incorporate individual variability and keeps prescribing and diagnosing withing the proverbial box. Dr. Kron understands that, while a diagnosis can be helpful, every patient’s symptoms tend to manifest in different ways and that a patient should be treated as the individual that they are. He treats people not numbers. Dr. Kron has obviously earned the right and ability to think independently after considering the best information available – the definition of a high-level expert. He listens like no other psychiatrist I have ever heard of. He is also witty as hell with a delightful sense of humor.

With the new insight he was able to provide I have been able to make progress and generate hope where previously there was neither. I finally feel like I am chopping down the correct forest. A follow up visit and a fair amount of email correspondence has confirmed and reinforced my initial impressions – this guy is outstanding.

He made multiple recommendations beyond medication (all of which he supported with evidence of efficacy) and the therapist he referred me to is skilled at working with my exact issues. When I told her who my psychiatrist was she replied “he is the best psychiatrist I have ever heard of, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the best in the nation.”

His staff is also outstanding and kind with quick responses and creative solutions to every issue I have run into.

He doesn’t accept insurance (that’s how the great ones often operate) but if you need the best then believe me this is a deal.

A learning machine with compassion is a rare thing to find let alone one who is a board certified psychiatrist from Yale with a network that will make your jaw drop. I don’t think it is possible for me to be in better hands.

Thank you Dr. Kron. May your kind multiply.

Jesse F. Oakland, Ca. 5-out-of-5 Stars Yelp, September 8, 2016:
In all my 35 years I’ve never felt so close to any of my doctors until Dr Kron. He is an amazing person and highly recommended from my family.

Erik M. Alameda, Ca. 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, May 22, 2016
Michael Kron is by far the best psychiatrist I have ever worked with, and the only one worthy of the title “psychopharmacologist.”

I suffer from Major Depression with comorbid Anxiety, Delayed Sleep Phase, and general fatigue.
He is the first mental health professional in my 25 years of visiting them to test me and diagnose for Adult ADD, and the meds he prescribed for that condition put me closer to remission from all of my symptoms than I have been in almost 20 years.

If you can get an appointment with him, and have the financial resources (he does not process insurance papers, but you can submit his bill to your insurance company for partial reimbursement), there is no other like him.

Prior to my first visit, he sent me a number of questionnaires to fill out, all of which were examined in painstaking detail during the first 5 hour visit. That’s right: 5 hours. First time in my life a psychiatrist has spent more than 30 minutes with me.

Don’t settle for half-a$$ed treatment for the most important organ in your body.

Colin D. 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, May 9, 2016

Dr. Kron is not only my Psychiatrist but also my friend. I could not ask for anything more. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 5 years old, but did not decide to attack it until age 17. Luckily that was and still is with Dr. Kron. He is not only the most brilliant Psychiatrist there is within ADHD but he is a person who will stick with you and willing to help in any way he can. He is dedicated to whatever it is he helps you with. Ive been to other Psychiatrists briefly before I found Dr. Kron, but they all were like sitting in front of a wooden stick compared to Dr. Kron. I would not be where I am without him. My ADHD is very much under control and Through the years with him I was able to gain a career that I am passionate about. His brilliance is invaluable. He is straight forward and gets to the point. In my case I found that Dr. Kron knows what someone with ADHD needs, and also knows how to talk and deal with it. I find ADHd to be a really complicated thing to attack, Other psychiatrists refuse to treat adult ADHd and their reasoning behind it is that ADHD isn’t the problem, or isn’t real. Ive been treated for things other than ADHD with those mediocre psychiatrists and I would get nowhere with relief of my symptoms. When I came to Dr. Kron he assured me that ADHD is real and that we are going to treat it how it needs to be treated.. Through the years of being treated under Dr. Kron he has helped me become the best person I can be. HIs guidance and knowledge of who I am is what makes me deem Dr. Kron the greatest psychiatrist I could’ve found… Now, I look forward and am excited to see Dr. Kron when my appointment comes around, I act like myself, am not afraid to tell him anything, and in return he acts the same. When I walk out of Dr. Krons office not only am I thankful for him existing as a doctor, but I am smiling and confident about who I am. When you wish you could hang out with your psychiatrist outside of appointments, you know you have found a good person. I try to describe him to other people and its impossible, there is not enough words to say how good he is as a doctor, nor enough to explain what a great person he is.. I will go as far as thanking Dr. Krons parents for bringing such a talented kind person that’s help is extremely effective into this world.. I can keep going to Yelps limits for how many characters you can type in a review…

Joy K. Redondo Beach, Ca. 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, September 29, 2015
Dr.Kron is the best Psychiatrist hands down. I moved down to LA a few years ago and he was able to print all my files about me out to give to the new Doctor that I will be seeing. He has made my life more bearable with ADHD. It took me awhile to write this review but please go to this doctor. He will help you and not make you feel bad for feeling what you do. So if you are looking for the last hope here it is people. Smack right in front of your face. Trust the reviews. People don’t take the time to write good reviews for good doctor. I hope this helps with whatever you are going thru. Patience, time and seeing this doctor will help you thru. Just trust.

Qazi T. Berkeley, Ca. 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, September 15, 2015
I have travelled to several countries; seen and came to know many peoples; but till today, I have never come across a professional doctor like Dr. Michael J Kron, MD. He is not only professionally skilled, he is courteous, amicable in interactions, friendly in gestures, always looking for ways to help the patients, patient, knowledgeable, always keeps abreast of the new findings and developments in his professional arena, and above all he is a thorough gentleman. I wish we had more such professional individuals in the important areas of medicine and related field (and of course all other fields).

Kelly P. Berkeley, Ca. 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, August 15, 2015
I saw Dr. Kron eight years ago, back when he was at Kaiser. It was the first time I had ever seen a psychiatrist who listened to me. I’m not exaggerating; I had one doctor answer a phone call and give detailed information on the treatment of a juvenile patient right in front of me; I’ve had others scoff at me, or look at me blankly. Although I’d taken an antidepressant in my teens that worked wonders, no new doctor would give it to me, and I was on a plethora of meds with nasty side effects and no significant improvement. Dr. Kron didn’t waste time; he got me back on the right medication and it has been a lifesaver all these years later. He’s very perceptive and candid, and funny as well. Mostly, though, he is very kind, an invaluable quality in a mental health provider.

Kim A. Pleasant Hill, Ca. 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, May 15, 2015
Wow! Where do I start?! Dr. Kron is incredibly smart, well-informed, interesting and interested. He is funny with a quick wit and good sense of humor. He is super multi-fascinated and uber talented, with a background in psychiatry, neurology and pharmacology. He is very focused on his patients but if you can get him to tell you a little about himself, he is one of these doctors/people who is obviously highly intelligent that you get the feeling could master anything, and probably has a photographic memory (I hated those people in school! LOL). He is incredibly caring and is very much a protective advocate for his patients. I feel like I have someone in my corner who truly cares about the outcome of my treatment, hearing how it is going along the way and seeing me get better. On top of that, he is super responsive and communicative, returning phone calls, emails, etc. very promptly. He is truly kind and really gives a d___ about his patients! I have never met anyone like him as a person and certainly no psychiatrist like him… and I have been to more than I care to admit. He is simply awesome!

Iris G. Walnut Creek, Ca. 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, May 11, 2015
I wrote a review for Dr Kron years ago and since then, I’ve unfortunately have had the universe dump numerous physical as well as emotional bombs on my family and myself. I felt it was tIme to refresh my review about the good doctor.
Dr. Kron not only has a deep understanding of psychiatric issues & medication but, he considers aspects that other psychiatrists miss such as thyroid, hormones, diabetes. through & through he’s a Biology Whiz. It’s what he eats for breakfast-lunch-dinner
Full Disclosure: I’m NOT an easy patient to diagnose. In addition to what people generally see Psychiatrists for, I have a chronic immune disorder, Fibromyalgia, and chronic pain. As if that were not enough, I flitter about in foreign countries and run out of my medications. Yep, the good doctor talked me off the ledge and helped me resolve that crisis. HE’s THAT good!
If you’re seeking a knowledgable diagnostician, look no further. At times, I’m not clear how he keeps up with my boo-hoo regarding every medication I try. I suppose keeping meticulous records helps in addition to being a brainiac as well as a compassionate doctor. Don’t tell him I said so, it might go to his head.
Most recently, I advised him that I wanted to stop taking a medication that after 12 years, I was certain not effective for me any longer. After having the what/why/when chat, he appeared satisfied with my decision and respectfully set about figuring a plan to support me through the process. That dear friends makes for a great psychiatrist and humanitarian.
What makes his office buzz with efficiency and good karma is Nan, his Senior Office manager. She’s prompt with call.-backs, current on medicine changes/dos She’s THE BOMB!
What I’m trying to say is that the Dr Kron is passionate about his patients and goes the extra mile and so it stands to reason that Nan, his super-hero assistant keeps the balls up in the air with flare!
I just wish he didn’t work so hard, we will need him for the long haul
Pace yourself Dr Kron!

Yibo Z., San Diego, CA, posted review, 5-out-of-5 Stars, on Yelp, 2/11/2015, "Dr. Kron is a doctor who is TRULY devoted to help people get better and feel better! Me and my husband had a week long fight and we are thinking about divorce. Then, he called Dr. Kron and told him its an emergency. We got an appointment the next day. He spent one hour on the phone with us and then four hours in person on the same day evening. Can you Image a popular psychiatrist spends five hours talking with you when you are having a crisis? And he charged us a rate that's not even fair to him as a psychiatrist because he didn't want to increase our financial burden. (I'm unemployed and going to need therapy help.) Overall, he is the best. Lucky to have him!"

Kelly P.,
Berkeley, CA,
5 out of 5 stars on Yelp
"I saw Dr. Kron eight years ago, back when he was at Kaiser. It was the first time I had ever seen a psychiatrist who listened to me. I'm not exaggerating; I had one doctor answer a phonecall and give detailed information on the treatment of a juvenile patient right in front of me; I've had others scoff at me, or look at me blankly. Although I'd taken an antidepressant in my teens that worked wonders, no new doctor would give it to me, and I was on a plethora of meds with nasty side effects and no significant improvement. Dr. Kron didn't waste time; he got me back on the right medication and it has been a lifesaver all these years later. He's very perceptive and candid, and funny as well. Mostly, though, he is very kind, an invaluable quality in a mental health provider."

Mary C.
Clayton, CA
5 out of 5 stars rating (copied from Yelp)

"Dr. Kron is wonderful! He has helped my husband a great deal.

Dr. Kron really knows what he's doing, is a good listener and really CARES. That's not easy to find.

Thank you Dr. Kron and Nann (his assistant). :)"

Ruth Ann L.
Oakland, CA
5 out of 5 stars rating (copied from Yelp)

"Mike Kron, the super star. It is with bitter sweet emotions that we leave this review. My son has been seeing Mike for the last 2-1/2 years. Now that he's totally off meds, and doing great, we don't need to see Mike any more. It is under Mike's guidance and expert prescriptions that transformed a troubled teen into a successful young man. My son graduated high school with a 2.5 GPA, now with 1 more semester to go in a very challenging top art school, he's maintaining a 3.9 GPA. No more depression or paranoia and able to realize emotions when they arise and know how to cope. Not so long ago, Mike said "I hope to be a distant and pleasant memory for you"; we didn't realize that it would be so soon. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Evan D.
San Francisco, CA,
5 out of 5 stars rating (copied from Yelp)

"As a health care professional myself, I don't take Doctor's credentials and reviews as proof of their skill or knowledge. I like to decide that myself. And let me tell you... I have encountered PLENTY of thoroughly unqualified practitioners in the most unlikely and unexpected places:
- On staff at top notch hospitals.
- Marching authoritatively through sleek, professional, expensively done offices in a perfectly starched, pristine white coats.
- Running intimate, successful private practices, in affluent and discerning communities.
There are a lot of things that make a Doctor successful, and ability to actually heal is not high on that list. It's just the way it is. Subsequently, it was not surprising that I had been attempting to find a solution to my depression and overall despondency for quite some time. I had been to several different, "qualified" specialists over the course of roughly 15 years, and was really beginning to think that I was going to be one of those people that battles inner demons for their entire life... only finding peace and well being by exiting this mortal coil. Usually prematurely and by their own doing.

We all know where this is going. Dr. Kron takes a very long time during the first meeting. That is also something I do with my patients. Very few practitioners do this these days. Patients in general do not want to be there. And time inside any business, medical offices not exempt, is money. However, what separates a good Doctor from the alternative is quite simply: Diagnosis. Making the diagnosis is akin to cracking the code! Once you understand what is wrong with a person, the rest is almost trial, error, and protocol. But the difficulty lies in not only taking the time, but also, as I said, being good at what you do. Being able to soak in all of this information. Weed out what is important, and what is not. Pay attention to body language and posture. Learn from the past Doctor's mistakes. And finally, take all of this and process it using the vast ocean of knowledge you have amassed through both study and experience, and find the missing link. And this is all what transpired on my first visit with Dr. Kron.

He is extremely well trained, but more importantly it is obvious that he is a dynamic entity. Constantly learning and adapting his previous beliefs. Not afraid to go where other's haven't. He is completely down to earth and candid. He will put you at complete and total ease from the moment you shake hands. And he will most likely have you part ways in a vastly superior state of mind and hope than when your encounter first begun.

He doesn't take insurance, but you are honestly not going to find someone this good on your plan. When it comes to things like mental health, insurance's take is very nuts and bolts. Basically: "Either your depressed, addicted, or psychotic. Go to a program." The pay for their mental health care practitioners is a joke. And the way most systems are networked and constructed will not allow you to thoroughly explore the possibilities of ailments or treatments.

This guy really knows what he is doing and to boot, HE REALLY GENUINELY CARES! He goes the extra mile at every opportunity. I was seriously lucky that I found him and I must admit, the Yelp reviews that I had read were a big part of that. So I didn't mean to say that reviews are meaningless. It's just that they don't ALWAYS pay off. This one most certainly did.

- Evan S. Disick, D.D.S."

Jason W.
Walnut Creek, CA
5 out of 5 stars rating, Yelp

"I started seeing Dr. Kron about 6 weeks ago, and this review is long overdue already. I'm 29 and just realized I have most of the symptoms of ADHD, and these have been a major hindrance in my life. So after reading about treatment of ADHD, I was cautiously optimistic. I really lucked out when I found Dr. Kron though because I seriously doubt there could be anybody better. He saw me for about 3 hours on my first visit, and really got a detailed picture of my life and my symptoms. After diagnosing me with severe ADHD, he got me medications for cheap and one even completely free through the company that makes them. The one that I get for free has really started to change me for the better. I just went back to see Dr. Kron yesterday and was re-evaluated. Almost every single one of my symptoms has been curbed. It's amazing to be in a conversation with someone and not be distracted with some other thought now! I can wake up in the morning and do the things that need to be done, instead of feeling so lethargic and anhedonic. I still have a ways to go and hope to continue to make great progress. There's so much more that can be said about Dr. Kron. He's probably not for everybody, and I can see why he either has one star reviews or 5 star reviews. You wouldn't guess he's an Ivy League educated doctor if you met him on the street, because he's just a cool guy. He takes the time to see the big picture and actually cares about making a positive difference in others' lives and isn't all about the money like I'm sure some doctors are. As long as Dr. Kron is in practice here in the East Bay, I probably won't move anywhere else, that's how good of a doctor he is."

Laura S.
El Cerritto, CA
5 out of 5 stars rating, Yelp

"Dr. Michael Kron is a wonderful, smart, caring, astute psychiatrist. He spent a really long time with me for the initial assessment. Before seeing him I filled out some questionnaires and even with that his personal touches somehow made me feel like if I disclosed to him truthfully that he was trustworthy.
I immediately liked him..he has a nice trustworthy face and earnest demeanor and really worked hard to come up with an extremely accurate picture of me...with his questions unearthing things that I had forgotten.

Dr Kron is an excellent diagnostician. I feel very comfortable recommending clients to him and going to him myself.

His invisible but invaluable assistant Nan is super nice and helpful as well. I feel very lucky to have found him."

Bill S.
Hayward, CA
5 out of 5 stars rating, Yelp

"I have been a patient of Dr. Krons since he was with Kaiser in Oakland years ago. I was shocked to see a bad review about this physician so I thought an update was in order.

I have been suffering with Depression, anxiety, hypochondriasis yeah I am pretty screwed up LOL and Dr. Kron has always been by my side through the real tough times especially this year which by far has been the worse. I saw him a little over a week ago and he spent one and a half hours with me because he saw how distraught I was. Mind you I only had a thirty minute appointment scheduled.

I was very fortunate it that day that no one was scheduled after me and one person did not show. He spent the whole time talking reassuring me I was going to be fine and trying to find a med that we never tried which is tough because I have side effect issues with most meds. And was shocked at the end that he did not charge me for the time he spent I guarantee you another Doctor would have ran off to lunch.

I cannot and will never be able to say enough about him AND his wonderful assistant Nan. Even though I have never met Nan she is on top of everything and so pleasant to speak with and calming. She always gets me in when I need and is quick to get refills called in.

Well, enough said between the both of them you cannot go wrong. I am glad I have Dr. Kron on my team. With him and the rest of my Doctors I feel confident I can get through anything.

Thanks again to Dr. Kron and Nan for being there all these years. You to are the best."

Drew M.
Berkeley, CA
5 out of 5 stars rating, Yelp

"I cannot agree more with Anthony and all the other positive reviewers - Dr. Kron is the man!

Five minutes into our conversation, it was abundantly clear that he has enormous expertise in his field, particularly in the realm of psycho-pharmacology. Moreover, he's extremely compassionate: I'm a student, so money is a bit tight, and the medication I take is rather expensive. He turned me on to a program that the manufacturer runs that offers assistance to people with limited incomes - I had never heard of the program before, but I left his office with everything I needed to enroll in it and I now get my medication for free. Then, at the end of our session he offered to write me a three-month prescription, presumably so I wouldn't have to pay for three separate office visits.

I really can't say enough about this guy, or about how appreciative I am that doctors like him are still around.

Thanks Dr. Kron!"

Oakland, CA
5 out of 5 stars rating, Yelp

"Easily the best psychiatrist in the Bay. I was shocked to see a single negative review. Dr. Kron is the man.

I've been in and out of the hospital since my teens for severe major depression. I'm not afraid to admit that I have been suffering for many years. I want to share my experience in the hope that others who need help, will finally seek it.

Why is it that any part of your body can be damaged and people will express sympathy towards you, unless that body part is your brain? Depression isn't something to joke about. Depression is torture and I wouldn't wish such an illness upon my worst enemy.

The road to recovery has been (and continues to be) long, rocky, and sometimes life-threatening. However, I have never felt the hope that I have now. Thankfully, I continue to improve under Dr. Kron's supervision.

I had trouble getting my first, urgent prescription filled on a Saturday. I was told by the pharmacist that they would not be able to fill it until Monday. Long story short, Dr. Kron aided me at a very critical time and my prescription was filled immediately.

Selecting a psychiatrist is a difficult process. Ideally, you want someone that is nonjudgmental, empathetic, and above all, someone that makes you feel comfortable. If you truly want the highest quality of care for yourself, look no further.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and Dr. Kron will help. I sincerely recommend his services to my friends and family. If you are on the verge of giving up, please stop playing dice with your life and give this great man a call right now."

Mamtaz C,
Berkeley, CA
5 out of 5 stars rating, Yelp

"Such a Wonderful Doctor. I am disagree with Lauran & David. He proved his Good Job with my Friend he is Awsome Doctor. My Friend was Addicted with Drug . This is the Doctor ,he Graduly take off Medicine For Anxiety & Dipression . When he is Talking ,Patients are Feeling very Well... I was with my Friend one time. Such a Amazing Doctor. Truly I Sugested this Doctor ,when you see him ,you are Cured half of...."

Kyle T,
Pleasant Hill, CA,
5-out-of-5 Star Rating on Yelp,

"Dr. Kron is an amazing doctor. He'll spend the time to get to know you and his evaluations for new patients last two hours! His assistant was very helpful in scheduling the appointment. They both were very flexible with options as I waited for my medical records from Kaiser. His office is warm and inviting. Dr. Kron is a very candid person. He gave me all sorts of references for affordable programs (CBT and DBT) in the area which (after doing my own research) have great reputations!

All around, I feel like he took a considerable amount of time to get to know me and my struggles. He took into consideration what my previous treatment plan and diagnosis was and then walked me through his thoughts in detail until we came up with a plan that fit well for me. He is also very good at speaking in lay terms. I would highly recommend him"

Carin C., 2/10/2013, Angie's List AAAA, Member Comments: "He is very astute and really listens to what your situation is. He is very up to date on the latest medications. He is very sensitive, caring, and the best psychiatrist I have ever met."

Description of Experience: "Dr. Michael Kron is my psychiatrist."

Use this Provider Again: "Yes"

Overall "A"
Availability "A"
Office Environment "A"
Punctuality "A"
Staff Friendliness "A"
Bedside Manner "A"
Communication "A"
Effectiveness of Treatment "A"
Billing and Administration "A"

Q. M., Albany, CA, 5-out-of-5 Stars Rating on Yelp, 7/14/2012: "Dr. Michael Kron, MD is one of the best doctors I have had treatment from. Both, professionally and personally, he is remarkable and outstanding. HIs fine human qualities, polite manners, courteous interactions with the patients, and professional skills and abilities - all make him one of the rarest doctors in his field of treatment and practice. He, always (most conscientiously), puts patients' well being at the top of (from) all other issues. He is an asset for the community and the country. He is a doctor, brilliantly competent in modern medical science, with the graces of Hippocrates and famous doctors and clinicians. I wish him all the best.
Q. Mamoon"

Alexis C., Berkeley, CA, 5-out-of-5 Stars Rating on Yelp, 6/30/2012: "Dr. Kron is pretty much the best doctor I have seen in my life. It has been a major struggle to find the right treatment for my particular needs and biological sensitivities, and Dr. Kron is the first person I have found who has had the patience, compassion, and persistence to find what really works for me. And he has done so with the utmost professionalism and kindness. He has also been extremely understanding and resourceful in working with my financial situation to help me gain access to treatments that would be impossible to obtain otherwise.

A few of his many talents:
-warm, approachable manner that immediately puts you at ease
-works with you to choose among options, rather than using a top down approach
-takes time to explain things and answer all your questions and concerns
-both he and his Office Manager respond quickly to all communications
-unmistakable dedication to helping people feel better, not just making money
-holds hope for you when you have next to none

I recommend him without reservation."

Vicky A., San Francisco, CA, 5-out-of-5 Stars Rating on Yelp, 6/19/2012: "What do you write about a physician who extended himself to help you and saved your life in so many ways? There is no way I can ever thank him enough for what he has done for me. When u suffer form agoraphobia, finding treatment is very tricky. I looked for a very long time before I found Dr. Kron. I came upon him as I finally just googled. I saw his reviews and I thought I will call. With this condition it was not as if I could just set up an appointment and go in. That's the nature of this condition. He worked with me, helped me, and took me on. I was at the end of my rope when he did. I am grateful to him and blessed to have found him. He is compassionate, caring, his crudentials are excellent. I needed to make sure he was not too good to be true, he wasn't. He also encouraged me to pursue CBT therapy and I did. I could not have pursued anything if he did not stick with me and make me feel finally that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I am in recovery now, thanks so much to Dr. Kron. His mild mannered way and his ability to understand the patient's suffering is not common in our society today. Five stars is not enough. I reccomend him wholeheartedly."

John G, Pleasant Hill, CA, 5-out-of-5 Stars Rating on Yelp on 6/4/2012: "Dr. Kron is, as the rating suggests, among the best there is. With a wry wit and an easy manner he brings the science of modern, medication based psych medicine down to earth. He is a great example to medical students and other providers as well of what Independent, non-insurance based medical practice can be."

Rob N, Dublin, CA, 5-out-of-5 Stars Rating on Yelp on 5/31/2012: "Dr Kron is a humane, caring, personable doctor. He'll determine your dosage in a few days compared to most doctors that take three months. Dr Kron is open to different therapies and drugs and is willing to try different drug combinations that work for you. He's the type of person you'd like as your next door neighbor. I find myself chatting with him, like a friend, after the session is over."

Ruth Ann L. Oakland, CA, 5-out-of-5 Stars Rating on Yelp on 5/8/2012: "Michael Kron was very instrumental in addressing my late teen son's psychiatric problems. He is kind, knows how to address the issues and a little quirky in a charming way. Michael really helped my son get dialed in the right direction with the right meds and dosage. As he said, "Stay with the program and get well, I want to be a distant memory in your future". Thanks Michael, you've really made a difference in the year and a half we've been seeing you."

Penny B., Oakland, CA 2/15/2012, 5-out-of-5 Star Rating on Yelp. "I guess you could call me an academic snob. Whenever I am looking for a physician I spend a great deal of time looking for the Best there is; in this case I was searching for a psychiatrist for my husband. I wasn't just going to throw him out to the wolves (because it's happened before), so I googled "best psychiatrist in San Francisco" and up came Dr. Kron.

I wasn't done yet.....then I scoured his credentials to make sure he went to a top notch school because not just anyone can get into these institutions right? Next, I was determined to find out about his effectiveness and read numerous comments on several websites. Hmmmm, maybe it's me that should go see Dr. Kron.

Anyway, we (my husband and myself) are uber excited about Dr. Kron. He has an amazing bedside manner, is soft spoken, gentle, compassionate and very approachable. Best of all, my husband likes him and doesn't mind going for his visits which in the past was an issue (BTW he is doing so much better).

I recommend Dr. Kron without reservation and hope that he is still accepting new patients so you can be as lucky as we are."

Sarah B.
Berkeley, CA
5 out of 5 Star Rating on Yelp.
"I had the good fortune to be treated by Dr. Kron while he was a psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente, Oakland. He diagnosed my major depression, anxiety disorder and ADD...all untreated for decades and which had resulted in low self-esteem, chronic mood swings, learning difficulties and finally a breakdown.

He prescribed medications that helped balance my conditions. Finding the right combination of medications can be difficult, but he encouraged me to share my symptoms and fears, because he gained crucial insights into ways he could better help me.

I was able to progress to talk therapy and also to classes that helped change my behavior and reactions for the better. The outside world no longer feels threatening because I understand myself, know my strengths, and feel I have tools to cope with difficulties when they come up.

Dr. Kron has an understated manner that made me feel extraordinarily safe. He has a gift for turning complex issues inside out using kindness and humor as guiding principles, all the while grounded in the best clinical practices psychiatry and psychopharmacology have to offer."

Jari H.
Moraga, CA
5 out of 5 Star Rating on Yelp.
"Dr. Kron is incredible. Such a HUGE difference from my last psychiatrist! If he could be cloned as the model for all health professionals, wouldn't THAT be something!

I feel very lucky in finding Dr. Kron, and finding him from the reviews on YELP, and I don't feel very lucky often."

4-out-of-4 Stars Rating on
Sep 29th, 2011

Dr. Kron is the best psychiatrist I have ever had. He is so knowledgeable and I have the greatest level of confidence in him. He has helped me significantly and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking a qualified psychiatrist who takes the time to do a thorough evaluation and he is so professional. I feel so fortunate to have located him; I just did not know where to turn anymore. If you are looking for someone who excels in the field of psychiatry, please take the time to call him. He has changed my life for the better!

Joy K.,
Walnut Creek, CA
5 out of 5 Star Rating on Yelp.
"Dr. Kron is the best doctor ever! I have seen several psychiatrist's and he is the only one who really knows what he is talking about when dealing with patients like me who have ADHD/ADD, depression (at any stage), and finally anxiety. He is very informative about his field and has helped me become the person who I want to be with my medicine. I believe that Dr. Kron has helped me with my the overall problems. I have heed his advice and improved my way of dealing with having ADHD, depression, and anxiety. It is true he doesn't take insurance but he is willing to go the mile for his patients. If you need a good doctor please go see him. He will bring your faith back in doctors if you had bad experience in the past."

Jeff S.,
Berkeley, CA,
5 out of 5 Star Rating on Yelp.
"This guy is the best p-doc I've ever seen, and I've managed to go through a few, growing more disheartened as I went. Not only is he a psychiatrist, he actually did additional schooling to get an advanced practice certification in psychopharmacology and is still doing research. Knows his stuff better than any I've seen or even heard of. Going in, I was anxious, but he caught me off guard with his effervescent personality (not another word I could think of to better describe it), and in minutes, I dropped my guard and actually really enjoyed talking with him. He is extremely fast (I brought in about a hundred pages of medical records which he went through in about an hour while talking to me), but is unusually thorough and insightful. He had an entirely new take on everything, and for once, I think I'm actually on the right track. Already I feel completely changed, and I'm really looking forward to what's to come."

H.G., Castro Valley, CA, 05/09/2011, 5 out of 5 Star Rating on Yelp. "ive have only one appntment, but i really enjoyed my time with dr. kron. he asked me a ton of questions and spent approx. 2 hours with me. he seems like he genuinely cares. i also like the fact that even though he is obviously very educated, he appears to be a pretty normal average guy. looking forward to the next session"

Carin C., Berkeley, CA , 3/22/2011, 5 out of 5 Star Rating on Yelp. "Mike has helped me more than other other psychiatrist (five or more) I have met in 25 years of struggling with depression and searching for answers. I have tried so many different meds . . . they either had nasty side-effects . . . gave only short-term relief . . . or were no help at all. I have also spent 25 years in psychotherapy and have not decided to continue because I feel so good; feeling good has put me in a place where I can reflect on my learnings from those times and apply them to my life.

Mike spends focused time getting to know you as an individual. This, combined with his extensive knowledge of psychopharmacology and mental distress, ended up providing me with medicine that helped my symptoms of self-dislike and lack of motivation for the first time in my life. I am deeply grateful to this skilled and sensitive doctor. Three months later, I now enjoy myself as a person on a daily basis, my inner dialogues include jokes, and my plans for the future are moving along well with authentic engagement."

Iris G., Walnut Creek, CA, 3/8/2011, 5 out of 5 Star Rating on Yelp. "I had pretty much given up on expecting anything more than medicine dispensers after two decades of mediocre to terrible Psychiatrists. Then I had the most-excellent fortune of meeting Dr. Kron. He not only listens, he doesn't pull any punches when it comes to telling it like it is. If you're seeking a doctor who cares, follows up and really is there for you, go see Dr. Kron."

R.R. PhD. 02/19/2011 "Mike Kron is excellent. He doesn't specialize in only TBI, but is extremely knowledgable about brain-behavior interactions & the latest in biochem & pharmacotherapies." -A recommendation for Alameda County Psychological Association members to refer clients for evaluation and treatment.

Kevin H.
Hercules, CA
4-out-of-5-Star Rating on

I am well satisfied with the services I receive from Dr. Kron. He is a thorough, capable and even likable Doctor. I had just come to the bay area and needed a therapist so I googled Doctors in the area and discovered a doctor close to me. After reading several reviews on Yelp, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Kron. I found almost immediately that he is a genuine and caring doctor who puts the needs of his patients first. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of personal care.

5-out-of-5-Star Rating on
Valentina W.
San Francisco, CA

Dr. Michael Kron has been fundamental in helping me deal with unresolved ADHD issues. As a previously diagnosed patient, I was able to get the help I needed right away without having to spend a lot of time getting re-evaluated. He set me up on a treatment plan that was not only effective from the start, but one that inspires and brings me hope everyday. He makes me feel comfortable speaking with him about my long-standing struggles with ADHD whether it be time management, focus and concentration, or miscommunication surrounding my personal relationships. Dr Kron is no doubt the right doctor for me and I am so glad to have found him!

4-out-of-4 Stars Rating on
Jan 16th, 2011

I did not believe there was such a psychiatrist like Dr. Kron. He does athorough evaluation and makes you feellike you don't need to be ashamed forfeeling depressed and anxious. I havenever had such a thorough evaluationdone in the 35 years that I have beenseen by other psychiatrists. He isprofessional and I feel lucky to havefound him. If you are looking fora doctor that "knows the field ofpsychiatry, he is the one!

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: M W., San Leandro, CA

I was diagnosed with acute anxiety and depression two years ago. Even though I had a good relation and trust with my original psychiatrist, I felt like the medications that were prescribed to me at the time were over-medicating me since I was not able to sleep, had continuous panic attacks and was not able to function at work on a daily/hourly basis.

I received a 2nd opinion from Dr. Kron in April, 2010 and within weeks he had completely overhauled my medications to the point that I'm now sleeping regularly and managing very well my day-to-day activities where months prior, I wouldn't have been able to handle or cope with any given situation.

From the very onset, Dr. Kron made himself available to me soon after our 1st meeting where calls to him were returned almost instantaneously. He would even call me out of concern even when I didn't expect a call from him. I can honestly say that working with Dr. Kron returned me to a life of normalcy and I am just thankful that I was put in contact with him. Dr. Kron truly knows his field with intelligence and integrity; but most importantly he goes the extra mile to get to know his patients with the sole objective of getting them back in the right direction. I strongly recommend him should you ever need psychiatric help with a personal flair.

5-out-of-5-Star Rating on
Reviewer: John D.
Emeryville, CA

If you are looking for a psychiatrist to help you with whatever is causing your anguish and heartache, look no further. I have been to many doctors over the years but none seem as focused on me and my issues as Dr. Kron. He is not only extremely knowledgeable about psychiatric conditions, from depression to bipolar to learning disabilities, but he possesses an intuitive intelligence that allows him to go to the heart of what is bothering me during any particular visit.

He never rushes me and asks brilliant questions that help me to understand what it is I really need to say. He has helped me develop numerous "coping strategies" that have eliminated many daily stresses in my life. He is there when I need him and that, my friends, is worth it's weight in gold.

His office, his practice (particularly now that Nan is on board) and his demeanor, have competence written all over. The way he moves through a visit, handling a dozen little things at once, being an advocate, a case worker, a mentor and a compassionate friend all make him very different, and very much above, most other doctors I have ever met.

I am a full time student returning to school after many, many years and by working with Dr. Kron I have seen my grades and my GPA move steadily upward. Opportunities that I once saw as pipe dreams are now realistic goals I can pursue with confidence. You won't find better help then right here.

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: N W.
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Last year, when our adult son was diagnosed with an acute depression, we felt he was not receiving effective treatment. His condition continued to decline until he sought a second opinion from Dr. Kron. From the time of his first visit and over the next several weeks, we could tell he was on the right track. His transformation back to his fun-loving self has been most remarkable. Dr. Kron's professional knowledge and deep sense of caring made a world of difference. We cannot thank him enough for achieving such great results.

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Bill S.
Hayward, CA

I have to say that I already gave Dr. Kron a great review when I started seeing him BUT another great review is in order. This Dr. is a god send. He is the only physician that I have been to and there have been many that took the time almost two hours and was able to clearly see I have ADHD when everyone else said it was depression.

I have had so much trouble with the ADHD meds. I have called so many times with worry and sent emails to him and not once did he ever not respond to me. Even on the damn weekend which is unheard of.

He really cares for his patients almost like they are his family. Never have I had a physician like this. Oh and his assistant Nan is a sweetheart. Always calls if he can't and relays the messages to me. See Dr. Kron I promise you will not be unhappy.


5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Noah J.
Oakland, CA

Having seen about half a dozen psychiatrists in the last ten years, I've developed a personal index assessment for my providers. I'm not kidding- I'm that exacting when it comes to my doctors. Bad news for my doctors, for the most part. But very good news for you if you're reading this review.

If you'd like to cut to the chase, here's the spoiler alert: Dr. Kron is awesome.

Here's my rationale:

1. Kindness: maybe a surprising first priority for an indicator of giving excellent psychiatric care, but it's the most important to me. And Dr. Kron's got kindness in spades. He's attentive, empathetic, genuinely interested, and passionate about offering more and better access to people in need. 5 stars.

2. Advocacy: I haven't had many psychiatrists who are willing to fight for me. But Dr. Kron wears a number of hats, one of them being A-1 case manager. Really. He works hard, does the research, and keeps his business needs transparent , so that you can get what you need at a price point that's realistic and sustainable. That matters to him. 5 stars.

3. Intelligence/Competency: This goes without saying, perhaps, but I find that smarts is sometimes distorted to mean that the provider has a lot of fancy degrees and certifications. Dr. Kron has these, of course, but his real intelligence has to do with a willingness to listen to his clients. He allows me more than enough space and time to create a collaborative and creative medical relationship. That's just plain smart. 5 stars.

4. Availability: this category value could probably be deduced form the three above, but let's suss it out anyway. Dr. Kron is there for me when I need it. For non-emergencies, it sometimes takes a day for him to respond, but that's a time line that beats any other psychiatrist I've had. 5 stars.

In short, he's awesome. My health and well-being are much improved since I started seeing him. Call him. But don't take my appointment time.

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Chelsea T.
Walnut Creek, CA

I finally found the perfect doctor.

After moving across the country from Texas to California I needed to find a doctor. I had been on every website, reading every review, and I waited for ever on hold over and over again while my health care provider tried to locate a doctor for me. I'm not sure how I came across Dr. Kron, because he is not an Atena doctor, but it didn't matter. When I made my first appointment we had a mini-consultation over the phone then he emailed me the forms I needed to fill out, and detailed directions on how to find his office. There was no stress.

When you sit in his office you feel like you are visiting with a friend. Dr. Kron always speaks with you directly, and will always call you back.He does everything in a timely fashion. His communication with patients, in my opinion, is excellent. I went to him for adult ADD and because I was feeling a little down. Dr. Kron actually listens. He does not just hand out pills for the payback, and then rushes you out of his office. Instead he correctly addresses the problem, and explains what is needed to overcome the problem. I had already been taking a certain prescription that was working for me and Dr. Kron did not try to change it. He wrote a prescription for me that day. He truly listened and found that I wasn't depressed, but that I was having trouble adapting to my new surroundings and offered a solution that worked.

I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been, and I am the healthiest that I have ever been because of Dr. Kron. I just moved again, and he still checks up on me, and he made sure I was set on my prescriptions so that I had time to find a new doctor. Dr. Kron is a true professional.

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Dee
Oakland, CA

Review 4 of 9 – provided by
Compassionate, knowledgeable Dr who actually listens!
Dr. Kron literally saved my life by finding the right combination of meds for my sensitive system. I'd gone thru numerous shrinks and started carrying my list of drugs that didn't work because the docs never listened. One dr almost killed me by prescribing the wrong stuff when I clearly told him what I couldn't take.

Not so with Dr. Kron, he actually listens and is unbelievably knowledgeable. I have PTSD and depression and believe it or not, I am now having positive thoughts again and feeling hopeful and less malleable by my anxiety.

There are not enough stars for giving someone a life back! Thanks Dr. Kron.

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Bill
Hayward, CA

Review 3 of 9 – provided by
Best Psychiatrist in the bay area
I met Dr. Kron years ago when he was at kaiser in Oakland. He helped me when no one else was able to. Then my employer switched to Aetna and I was not able to see him again.

I went through so many Doctors one that was on probation with the medical board left me hanging when he closed and didn't tell his patients a thing. I recently learned that Dr. Kron switched to private practice and I was excited to see him.

Unfortunately he did not accept my insurance BUT referred me to several colleagues that did. Now if that doesn't tell you what type of person he is nothing will.

I can highly recomend him. Nice person, knows his meds and is willing to work hard for you. Thank's Dr. Kron for everything you have done for me.

Bill S.

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Rebecca T.
Walnut Creek, CA

Mike Kron is a savior in my life. I have been to several doctors, both psychiatrist and psychologists, to seek help for my PTSD and depression. Mike was spot-on with the medication he prescribed. I am literally a new woman! My spirits have improved so much, and my energy and zest for life is back! He helped me so much that I was even able to get myself together enough to get a fantastic job.

When I made an appointment with Mike, my life was spiraling deeper and deeper into a very dark place. I was self-medicating with drugs and alcohol to go numb. I was comfortable enough with Dr. Kron to confide in him how out-of-control my life had become. He was completely non-judgmental and so easy to talk to. I am happy to report that my mental well-being has improved so much that I don't feel the need to numb myself with drugs/alcohol anymore.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Mike Kron to anyone seeking help for mental illness. Thank you, Mike!

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Douglas H.
Sacramento, CA

Seeking help for depression can be a daunting task. Please persevere; it's worth it when you find the right doctor.

Here's my review: being new to the area, and having no personal referrals, I began calling various offices after some brief internet research. For many of these calls, it often took two days or longer to get a call back, and the return call would often be from an office assistant requesting a lengthy intake assessment. It would then take a day or two before someone would call back with an appointment slot. Etc, etc.

It's not easy. It's also somewhat of a lottery, in that you never know who you will get. Will they 'get' you, and understand your particular issues? Will you feel comfortable discussing deeply intimate thoughts and feelings? Will they really be able to help you in a lasting way?

I called Dr. Kron after seeing his web page - it said "Call my cell", and there were some patient reviews that seemed genuine.

I called his cell and left a message. A few hours later, at 8:30 pm, I got a call. He asked if I had a moment to talk, and asked me what was on my mind. I told him some of what was bothering me, and although I felt I was not able to explain it all that well, I could tell by the questions he was asking that he was quickly and effectively diagnosing me - sussing out issues that often accompany depression, as well as ruling out those that can present as depression. But it was the way in which he did it that most affected me.

It's hard to explain, but you'll know if you ever have a chance to speak with him. It was as if he was right there with me, and had always been there. An intuition of sorts - a 'knowing' - without judgement, without a doctorly distance. Just a razor-sharp guy with a lot of compassion and a way of explaining the brain's workings in a down-to-earth manner that makes exact sense.

He spoke with me for 45 minutes - about newer medications, about what's worked or not for me in the past, and about how I would like to proceed. He gave me the names of several of the newer classes of meds, explaining exactly how they interacted with the brain, and encouraged me to research them further.

I asked about his background, & he mentioned he had seen about 10,000 patients over the past 8 years or so at big-box hospital. To me, that was key; I believe in experience & exposure above all. I thought if he's seen that many folks, he's probably seen five or ten of me.

In person, he's caring and kind. He gets it, and he listens. There's more I could write, but you'll know all of this if you choose to see him.

But no matter who you see, and no matter how difficult it is, please try to see someone if you are having issues. I don't mean to give advice, but I waited five hellish years before seeking help, and I regret it.

Best - D

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Dr.Gersho
Oakland and San Ramon, CA

Review 2 of 9 – provided by
Dr. Michael Kron is as good as it gets...
As a clinical psychologist, it is always a challenge to find a competent psychiatrist to refer to. I have referred my clients to Dr. Kron for years.

The feedback my clients have given me has been uniformly consistently positive. They have not only been impressed with his skillful ability to prescribe the right medication at the right dose, but have been VERY pleasantly surprised how much time he devotes to them in every meeting. They have found him to be very kind, warm and compassionate. As a result, I refer ALL clients in need to Dr. Kron. It really makes ME look good by doing so!

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Richard
Oakland, CA

Review 1 of 9 – provided by
Best Psychiatrist in the Bay Area!
Dr. Kron is without a doubt one of the best psychiatrists I have ever encountered in my 20 years of working in the field of Psychiatry. I'll tell you why. First, and foremost, he listens and he cares. You will never feel rushed. He treats you as a person and not as a diagnosis. Although he is an expert in the field of Psychiatry, is very bright, is well read and stays on top of the most current psychiatric treatments, he will always insure that you have the final choice in your treatment options. In other words, he works with you as a partner in helping you feel better. And you will feel better! He deserves a 10 star rating.

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Gail N.
Berkeley, CA

"I worked with Dr. Kron for five years when he was at Kaiser Oakland, he helped me with anxiety and depression, his relaxed and calm manner was something that I could always rely on. He helped me through a very difficult time in my life's was always honest and easy to talk with. I miss him and am still searching for a replacement doctor at Kaiser that is as receptive and listens to what I have to say as Dr. Kron. I think that he is caring and quite easy to work with!
Good luck in your research and with your private practice! You're a great doc!"

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
by Satisfied Customer

“Mike is a superb doc. He will listen, take it in, check what he heard to make sure you're on the same page, and then recommend his best options for you to choose, based upon ample information. He'll make you an expert client so you can see less skilled docs any time in the future and still be able to direct them to the right treatment. He loves it when you catch on to what he has to share. Good guy!”

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Richard B.
Oakland, CA

"Dr. Kron is a colleague whom I hold in the highest regard. He is an expert in the field of psychiatry and he is a wonderful person. I'm really pleased that he now has a private practice in the Bay Area.

I first heard about Dr. Kron a few years ago when I asked my colleagues whom they would recommend for my patients with medication needs (as a psychologist I don't prescribe medications). He was consistently mentioned as the psychiatrist they trusted with their patients' care. Since then I've learned that they were right about his skills and knowledge, that he is a truly a caring and compassionate person, and that he has a great sense of humor.

Patients have described him as down to earth, caring, unhurried and smart. He is known to be a great listener who treats patients as equal partners in all treatment recommendations.

I will never hesitate to refer patients in need of psychiatric care to Dr. Kron. I know that they will receive the best, and most current, care available and will be treated with the utmost respect. He has my 5+ star rating."

4-out-of-4-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: EK

“Very smart he lets you talk instead of trying to tell you what's wrong with you and pushing you out of the office with an rx. He likes you to provide any info you think will help the two of you to pick the right direction (even if you think it's silly--he always wants to hear and he absolutely doesn't judge you). You leave his office feeling better even before you start on any medicine. He carries his cellphone so no paging and wondering how long before you can hear back and tell him what's going on. Either he answers your call immediately(!) or you leave a message and he calls back, already thinking what to do based upon your message. Glad I found him.”

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Steve E.
Berkeley, CA

"I'm a medical professional and like many medical professionals I've been managing my own illness for decades. Why?

Doctors of Psychiatry should (above all other doctors) at least be 1) kind and show empathy and 2) know what they are doing. My experience has been they aren't and they don't. That's why people (like me) learn to avoid them, but end up suffering without knowing what can take the pain away. Even the upper echelon academic folks I've seen have one view of things and that's basically their one trick (with exceptions of course but I haven't met the exceptions.).

Mike Kron delivers a different experience. I agree with these two women reviewers who have been seeing him for several years each and say he's outdone their prior experiences with Psychiatry folks. He usually "goes with me" when I have my own ideas of what I'd like to try next and he really takes ownership and embellishes the plan so that it works out the best, with the least amount of side effects. He is also quick to sort out what's going to get way worse either very quickly or get worse by sneaking up and ruining my month if I were to come off something I shouldn't and then find myself with relapse of depression later. He's sharp and he's kind. He runs things off of his cellphone, which means he is accessible and he cares way more about you being able to reach him than most doctors with layers of help to keep you from seeing more than their face only when you meet them and then only see their signature on the rx's that you have to get from their MA's or RN's. I have a similar approach to Mike's since I also like hearing if a patient has a question or a need before it becomes a problem. Honestly that heads things off before trouble and that's the whole point, isn't it? I'm keeping this doc and I don't mind sharing.”

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Bob M.
Alameda, CA

"I worked with MIchael as his patient for about 5 years at Kaiser. I came seeking medication that would help slow my reactiveness, particularly quickness to anger. Over time, it seemed that the problem was actually rooted more in the inability to maintain focus. Michael was extremely open, listened very carefully, and was cautious and prudent in a way I found reassuring about what medication he prescribed.

I particularly appreciated the fact that he treated me as a peer in age and life experience. He took my description of what was bothering me; my thoughts on what lay at the root; and my own previous experience with psychiatric work into careful consideration in suggesting a prescription. He allowed and invited considerable back and forth in the process. He was extremely clear in explaining what could be expected of the medication---and what could not, and about the time it would take to see results. He was receptive to modifying dosage, and, when it proved advisable, to changing the medication in a new direction.

I couldn't recommend him more highly.”

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Berkeley, CA

“He's excellent. I have highly recommended him to friends and each time someone I know contacts Mike, I get very strongly positive comments back. It's a pleasure to be confident when I recommend things to people I know.”

4-out-of-4-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: JT
Feb 25, 2010

“No doctor treats you as kindly as Dr Kron does!”

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Peter K.
Orinda, CA

"Update: Jan 21, 2010: In the past couple of weeks, one of my children was experiencing debilitating stress and fatigue from circumstances at work. As parents, we tried our best to encourage him to persevere, but it became apparent that he needed to get professional help- and we turned to Dr. Kron. After one lengthy session, our son came home with a much brighter outlook, a clear understanding of his condition, and some ultra-helpful recommendations for short-term actions to take. Dr. Kron is that rarest kind of physician; he makes you feel comfortable from the outset, and that comfort translates into a strong sense of trust. We trust him with our children, they have no reservations about calling him for help, and he treats them effectively. I'd like to finish by saying that I've been to many physicians and specialists in my lifetime, and Dr. Kron is the only one I've made the effort to recognize, online, in this manner. What follows is an earlier post I made about Dr. Kron:

Both of our now-grown kids were diagnosed years ago with ADD, and we've taken them to various doctors and clinics to manage their symptoms. Invariably, treatment consisted of a quick, superficial interview by the psychiatrist, a quick check for allergies to meds, and then the prescription would be given. The two previous docs seemed singularly uncurious about how ADD was affecting important aspects of our children's lives, from schoolwork to social problems. We never left their offices with any substantive recommmendations or suggestions from the doctor. Now that both children are in the work force, we decided to set up an evaluation with Dr. Kron. What a refreshing difference- he's smart, funny, engaging, and my son and daughter really felt comfortable with him from the outset. He spent a much longer time with them during the first appointment- it seemed like more than two hours! His fee was very reasonable, especially compared to the other psychiatrist we've been paying for, on a quarterly basis, for years. I took some time to chat with Dr. Kron myself, more to gain some assurance that he cares about my kids, etc. I came away with a wonderful impression- he's an Ivy-League educated, articulate, insightful, empathetic psychiatrist with whom we will definitely continue our relationship."

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Nomi L.
Oakland, CA

"I couldn't agree with Peter K. (the first reviewer) more. I was a patient of Dr. Kron's for almost six years. I found him to be knowledgeable, responsive, kind, and compassionate. I'd easily rank him the best of all the psychiatrists I've seen. More than once he went the extra mile for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kron to a friend or relative.
In short, the guy is great. He needs to be cloned."

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Cheryl S.
Berkeley, CA

"I have known Dr. Kron for eight years, so I can say clearly: I know the guy. Over the years he's given me a lot of advice on everything from sleep to pain, even to communicating with surgeons and other doctors so I get the best care they have to offer. He has also helped my friends and a couple family members through difficult times. They all think he's great. What can I say except I feel very confident in him. I'm a big believer that your doctor should be compassionate and caring. He is. His diagnostic skills are sharp but thank God he cares more about getting good results for you instead of obsessing endlessly on diagnosis beyond where it actually matters. He is thorough when examining both physical and chemical issues and he will try multiple approaches to help his patients get on to a path of healing. If something is not working he will try something else.It's clear that Dr. Kron cares about his patients. He listens thoughtfully and he offers clear explanations. He is also superbly trained and makes sure he always knows the absolute latest on which treatments work and which don't. These are truly rare qualities to find together in a doctor."

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Susan K.
Orinda, CA

"Don't be afraid to seek help. If you are reading this review, you might be seeking a psychiatrist for the first time, or looking for a new one. My training as a Registered Nurse helped me track down a physician who is exceptional-Dr. Kron. I highly recommend him.
He has knowledge in neurological and psychiatric disorders in all populations, from geriatrics to children. In addition, he really understands medications and how to use them effectively.
I was diagnosed about fifteen years ago with adult ADHD about the same time my children were diagnosed. My treatment for adult ADHD started then too - but truly, it was not sufficient. I continued to experience daily struggles with the problematic symptoms from ADHD, causing me stress and affecting all areas of my life including unsatisfactory relationships.
I began treatment for ADHD and anxiety with Dr. Kron in January 2010 and I'm glad I did.
I am about three months into my treatment and there is marked improvement of the ADHD symptoms that troubled me daily for most of my life. I am also experiencing relief from anxiety that frequently accompanies ADHD.
I use the ADHD rating scales that he provided to help me keep track or my symptoms. They are used to see the effectiveness of the medications. Every visit to Dr. Kron feels important - he doesn't make you wait, he doesn't rush you and the questions he asks prompt you to reveal more information. He tailors an individual treatment plan just for you. What I find most reassuring is that he really seems to care about the patient, and how effective the treatment is. He wants to hear from you if you have a question, concern or have a new problem.
Dr. Kron's fees are reasonable for the service and expertise provided.
I am grateful to him for my new sense of well being, one with less distractions and impulsiveness."

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Greg C.
Walnut Creek, CA

"I'll start with the cliches: Mike Kron is a doctor who is truly passionate about what he does. He's incredibly knowledgeable and respected. He's genuinely interested in helping the patient, and not about getting you out of his office in a timely manner.

I have to assume he treats every patient as well as he treated me. And while I haven't seen as many psychiatrists over the years as others may have (maybe 5 or 6), I can say that he is the most friendly and accommodating. My previous doctor was the type who greeted you with a warm smile, say you down, and nodded and said "uh-huh..." while he scribbled out your bill and prescription, paying no mind to what you had to say, and ushering you on your way. Mike on the other hand actually wants to know that what he's prescribing is working; that you are satisfied with him; that you are healthy. It's odd to think that this is unusual for a doctor - unfortunately, most of us know that it is.

In the interest of neutrality, I will point out one caveat with Dr. Kron: He does not accept any insurance (as of now, anyway). This didn't matter to me as I don't have it anyway, but there are those of you who would pass on this basis. Suck it up, pay his very reasonable rate, and get real treatment. There is an undeniable benefit to seeing a doctor who is NOT part of the insurance system: They have a much greater devotion to the patient."

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Cory D.
Berkeley, CA

"I met Dr. Kron during an ADD drug study, and I always enjoyed my time with him. Throughout the study, I never felt like initials in a binder or a nameless white mouse. I never felt rushed or brushed off. I was never made to feel like anything less than a valued patient and during our one-on-one sessions his concern, understanding and complete focus made me feel like I was the most important person he could possibly be talking to at that moment. His sense of humor and calming personality made him very easy to talk to. When the matter at hand is a mental problem, feeling comfortable enough to be able to communicate easily in spite of embarrassment, social-stigma, confusion, depression or anxiety is incredibly important for effective diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Kron did this for me effortlessly. He was incredibly professional and thorough in his work, and any question I had, whether out of curiosity or concern, was answered in a way I could understand.

Something that never failed to amaze me was how perceptive he was when it came to what I was saying. By virtue of his professional experience or perhaps just a unique mind he always seemed to "get me". This is no small feat, and I suspect this is not something teachable in even the finest medical schools. Depending on what mental quirk is being discussed, it could be as difficult and inexact as trying to reproduce Picasso's Guernica by reading a letter about it or as seemingly-impossible as trying to explain "purple" to a blind person. No one else can truly understand how the world looks and feels in any brain but their own, but Dr. Kron was almost always able to give me feedback that let me know he was seeing the picture in my head that my inexact words might've failed if I was talking to someone else.

His compassion, care and concern are unmistakably genuine and in a society where attitudes of "not my problem" and "come back when you have insurance" are far more common than they should be, Dr. Kron is the antithesis of all that I find irksome or heart-breaking in medicine. He continues to write prescriptions for an effective and life-changing medication, which he helped me get for free from the drug company. On top of this, he also continues to monitor my health and progress.

I certainly cannot say Dr. Michael Kron is a typical psychiatrist, but I can say that typical psychiatrists would be better off being more like Dr. Kron. From little things like his prompt returning of emails to important things like feeling unrushed and cared-for while he's working with me, I cannot think of anything I've experienced so far that didn't make me think "hey, this is exactly what a doctor should be like."

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Christian K
Orinda, CA

"MY STORY: After graduating college and starting my first real job it became readily apparent I would have to address my struggle with ADD head-on.

PREVIOUS DOCTOR: In the past I was apprehensive to address the issue with my previous ADD doctor because the way his practice made me feel. My first diagnostic appointment with the doctor at the age of 16 was the only instance where (I felt comfortable) that I could express my thoughts on ADD/life. Nearly all future appointments with this doctor felt rushed (in and out to get prescription within literally two minutes). When suggesting that current medication was not too effective, and requesting to explore other alternatives, I was told that they're all similar, and slightly coerced into accepting the status quo. Frustrated with this service, I looked for other doctors.

DR. KRON: My first appointment with Dr. Kron actually began on the phone. Dr. Kron urged me to provide as much medical history/information as possible prior to the appointment in order for him to be better prepared.

I did so, and he reviewed the information at no additional charge. At our first appointment, he was up to speed on my condition with the information he requested, but did not jump out of the gate and provide me with a prescription. Instead he clarified points, asked the right questions, and listened to what I felt the true issues were. There was no clock watching, stress, or implied sense of superiority that I have felt from some doctors.

While Dr. Kron does not directly accept insurance, you can submit his medical 'bill' to the insurance company to get reimbursed. He does everything in his power to help you get reimbursed, and has even offered to wade through the 1-800 phone-tree mayhem at United Health Care to push my claim forward. That's a level of service that few can compete with.

In addition to his efforts toward making the insurance claim process simple, Dr. Kron charges less than other doctors I have visited. I find his rates to be especially reasonable, considering his caliber of education, level of service, and follow-through with patients.

To summarize:
-I struggle with ADD
-Previous doctor made me feel uncomfortable
-New Doctor, Dr. Kron, has provided improved work performance, and a better quality of life, with an engaging manner and professional practice that works with me.”

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: A.M.
Berkeley, CA

“I was a little hesitant to see Mike. I was wary of paying out of pocket for someone I knew little about. However, I had been given the run around so much by my HMO, I felt I had little to loose. After seeing him, I have faith in doctors once again.
He took the time to actually ask me about my history, my symptoms, my family, and really tie the pieces of the puzzle together. He didn't just read the standard diagnosis for ADHD straight out of a parenting magazine like most doctors seem to.
He also explored other areas such as sleep apnea, options to lower my blood pressure, and even offered to call my general practitioner at my HMO. How many psychiatrists will be that thorough?
Bottom line, if you want results from a really intelligent psychiatrist that will take the time to figure out what is really wrong, call him.”

5-out-of-5-Stars Rating on
Reviewer: Steve

“Mike is not a therapist. He's almost proud of that, but his manner with you beats what I've experienced with almost any doctor or therapist I've met. He is definitely a people person.
Mike does meds. His success comes with the fact he listens so intently and asks such probing questions (absolutely the variety of questions that count!). "So, what does cocaine do for you--both anything positive and any negative effects too?" ...What? I never mentioned cocaine. But he's looking for clues to help pick just the right meds, and it works. It's pretty neat, but it's also pretty annoying that other doctors don't seem to go after this fairly useful information except in a way that makes you feel judged somehow (Yuck) and makes it seem you are cutting down your options if you admit you drink a glass of wine like everyone else does.
Anyway, check out Mike Kron. You'll leave the office with a good sense that help has arrived.” for more client and colleague reviews...
Practice Specialties or Interests:

(Strengths are
in bold text)
Bipolar Disorder
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Chronic Physical Illness
Cognitive Disorders
Dissociative Disorders
Eating Disorders
HIV/AIDS-related Issues
Impaired Professionals
Impulse Control Disorders
Sexual Dysfunction
Any Conditions Where Medicines May Help.
Age Specialties: Adults
Additional Demographic Expertise: Asian
Black and African American
Hispanic and Latino
Middle Eastern
Native American
Pacific Islander
People with Disabilities
Many ethnic groups react very differently to meds--I know when to check.
I am flexible with different attitudes and comfort levels when using meds.
Treatment Approaches: Biopsychosocial
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
Psychopharmacology/ Medications
Advocating For School/ Work Issues
Education: M.D. (Medical Doctor)
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 1997

Internal Medicine Internship
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 1998

Psychiatry Residency
Yale University School of Medicine, 2001
License #: Physician and Surgeon #A74089
Licensed In: California
Additional Licenses/ Certifications: Board Certified, Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Professional Affiliations:
Medical Director, Bay Area Research Institute 2009 (ret.)
Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association
Professional Education Committee Member, Northern California Psychiatric Society (ret.)
Executive Council Member, East Bay Psychiatric Association (ret.)
Isobatic Technology Systems, Inc., Chief Financial Officer, Board Member and Scientific Contributor.
Biofluid Technology Systems, Inc., Chief Science Officer and Board Member.
Office Hours: Flexible. Evening Appointments Available.
Additional Comments: Feel free to call me at (510)-393-2127 or email me at with any questions or to see how I can help you find some relief.

I look forward to talking with you! -MJK
Michael J. Kron, M.D. (Psychiatry And Psychopharmacology), Psychiatrist in Walnut Creek
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In Practice Since:  2001
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Michael J. Kron, M.D. (Psychiatry And Psychopharmacology) - Psychiatrist in Walnut Creek, CA
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