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New Start Recovery Solutions
Reno, NV
"Left untreated, addiction ruins relationships and destroys lives. At New Start Recovery Solutions drug and alcohol rehab treatment center, you can develop the tools needed to recover from substance abuse. Our sole mission is to provide effective addiction counseling treatment services to adults suffering from addiction to alcohol and other drugs (including, cocaine, ..."

Nevada Therapists

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Therapists in Nevada 
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Jacqueline B. Panish, Ph.D. (Nevada Therapist)
Jacqueline B. Panish, Ph.D., Psychologist in Nevada
"For better or worse our early relationships strongly impact our emotional experiences as adults, often in ways we do not understand. If you’re dissatisfied in your life, you probably have tried to find solutions on your ..."
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Jacqueline Panish, Ph.D. P.C.
2965 S. Jones Blvd.
Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89146

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Patrick G. Tanner, MFT, LADC (Nevada Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Photo Not
"This therapist provides talk and walk (and coffee) therapy downtown to clients who are amenable. The physical and physiological is balanced and effected by the emotional and psychological. Also, there is a ..."
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Clover Counseling
131 Ryland Street
Reno, NV 89501

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Dr. Lynda J Ross, PhD (Nevada Therapist)
Dr. Lynda J Ross, PhD, Psychologist in Nevada
"As a Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with individuals, families and couples. I work with people struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, and Relationship conflict.

My goal is to ..."
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Nevada Psych Eval Inc
2450 Vassar St
Reno, NV 89502

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Robert L. Vazzo, LMFT (Nevada Therapist)
Marriage & Family Therapist   
Robert L. Vazzo, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist in Nevada
"If you are looking for someone to help you sort through challenging issues such as marital difficulties, family conflicts, and relational struggles, you have found the right therapist. If you are dealing with more ..."
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Robert L. Vazzo, LMFT
3450 E. Russell Road
Suite 205
Las Vegas, NV 89120

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Judy Winreb, MFT, LADC (Nevada Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Judy Winreb, MFT, LADC, Marriage and Family Therapist in Nevada
"I am a Psychotherapist Specializing in many areas. Depression, Anger, Abuse, Violence, Sexual Abuse, Eating Disorders, Anxiety/Panic & Addiction, Sports Psychology.

My approach with you the client, is to address the ..."
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Las Vegas, NV 89118

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