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85719 Therapists

Find a Therapist in or near 85719

» Provider Directory » Find a Therapist » Arizona » 85719 Therapists
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Therapists in or near 85719      Distance:  100 miles 
Ask your therapist about phone and video sessions. Online or in person, help is available.
Only 3 therapists were found within 25 miles of 85719. Your search was expanded to 100 miles.
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Therapists 1-5
Clarese Basile, DNP, PMHNP-BC, NCC (Therapist in 85719)
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner   
Clarese Basile, DNP, PMHNP-BC, NCC, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in 85719
All staff wear masks, hand sanitizer is available, surfaces are sanitized between ...

"Clarese is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who provides psychotherapy and medication management."
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OWL CU Behavioral Health
2030 E Broadway Blvd
Suite 207
Tucson, AZ 85719

Send e-mail to Clarese Basile, DNP, PMHNP-BC, NCCSend e-mail

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Ask Clarese Basile, DNP, PMHNP-BC, NCC about phone and video sessionsAsk about telehealth sessions

Christina Romano, M.Ed., LPC, LISAC (3.7 miles from 85719)
Professional Counselor / Therapist   
Christina Romano, M.Ed., LPC, LISAC, Professional Counselor / Therapist near 85719
I provide telehealth sessions on a secure Zoom platform.

"The essence of my counseling approach is that I know each person to be whole and unique regardless of what is currently being experienced. I help clients focus on areas of difficulty with kind acceptance. Knots of ..."
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Alive and Well: A Center for Integrative Psychotherapy
6105 E. Grant Road
Tucson, AZ 85712

Send e-mail to Christina Romano, M.Ed., LPC, LISACSend e-mail

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Ask Christina Romano, M.Ed., LPC, LISAC about phone and video sessionsAsk about telehealth sessions

Marie Davila-Woolsey, PhD, LLC (6.4 miles from 85719)
Marie Davila-Woolsey, PhD, LLC, Psychologist near 85719
At this time I am offering phone or online therapy services to meet the needs of our ...

"My approach to therapy is to first provide a safe, welcoming environment where you can feel heard and understood. I utilize a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness, a discipline that integrates ..."
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7790 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 120
Tucson, AZ 85704

Send e-mail to Marie Davila-Woolsey, PhD, LLCSend e-mail

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Ask Marie Davila-Woolsey, PhD, LLC about phone and video sessionsAsk about telehealth sessions

Dr. Rae Mazzei (90.4 miles from 85719)
Dr. Rae Mazzei, Psychologist near 85719
Teletherapy sessions are available at my virtual practice.

"Are you struggling with anxiety, addiction, trauma, or a chronic health condition? I believe each of us has the capacity for change when supported and empowered. Within a compassionate space, I will provide you with ..."
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Evolutions Behavioral Health Services
3120 N Arizona Ave
Suite 103
Chandler, AZ 85225

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Ask Dr. Rae Mazzei about phone and video sessionsAsk about telehealth sessions

Vicki Eaton, LCSW, MRE, BCC (95.0 miles from 85719)
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist   
Vicki Eaton, LCSW, MRE, BCC, Clinical Social Worker / Therapist near 85719
I offer Telemental Health counseling, which is online, secure, HIPAA compliant video ...

"Life has a way of bringing things to us we don't want to experience and we'd rather avoid...painful things. At some point, all of us go through something that feels really badly, such as, a broken relationship, a job ..."
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Vicki L. Eaton, LCSW, MRE
825 W Jerome Circle
Mesa, AZ 85210

Send e-mail to Vicki Eaton, LCSW, MRE, BCCSend e-mail

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Ask Vicki Eaton, LCSW, MRE, BCC about phone and video sessionsAsk about telehealth sessions

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