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Dallas Therapists

Find a Therapist in Dallas, TX

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Therapists 1-9 of 9
Preston Hollow Psychotherapy Group (ThePHPG) (Dallas Therapist)
Group Practice   
Preston Hollow Psychotherapy Group (ThePHPG), Group Practice in Dallas
Aaron B. Jacobs, M.Ed., LPC-S, NCC
Preston Hollow Psychotherapy Group
4406 Middleton Rd.
Dallas, TX 75229

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Michael J. Salas, PsyD, LPC, LCDC, CSAT, CST (Dallas Therapist)
Professional Counselor / Therapist   
Michael J. Salas, PsyD, LPC, LCDC, CSAT, CST, Professional Counselor / Therapist in Dallas
"Whether you're struggling with sexual satisfaction in your relationship, or you're keeping sexual secrets from your partner or spouse, I can help. As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and a Certified Sex Therapist, I ..."
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Vantage Point Counseling Services
3300 Oak Lawn Ave, Suite 601
Dallas, TX 75219

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Michael Ferraro LMFT, LPC, LCDC (Dallas Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Michael Ferraro LMFT, LPC, LCDC, Marriage and Family Therapist in Dallas
"Life can be unpredictable and problems can arise from unexpected places. You may decide one day that your life is not working the way you want. Or, you may have had a sense that something has been wrong with your life ..."
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17250 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75248

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Lifeologie Institute (Dallas Therapist)
Group Practice   
Photo Not
"I have been an LPC and LMFT for over 20 years and am an approved LPC and LMFT supervisor. I specialize in last-ditch marriage counseling, helping couples with the stickiest, trickiest relationship issues. I am the ..."
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Lifeologie Institute
3303 Lee Parkway
Ste. 102
Dallas, TX 75219

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Robyn Richardson, PhD (Dallas Therapist)
Robyn Richardson, PhD, Psychologist in Dallas
"Brighter Paths Wellness and Counseling Center in North Dallas will provide competent and compassionate therapy services that are designed to strengthen and empower the client. The therapy services are designed to ..."
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Brighter Paths Wellness & Counseling
17304 Preston Road
Suite 800
Dallas, TX 75252

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Lynn Heselton, MSN, APRN, EMDR (20.4 miles from Dallas)
Psychiatric Nurse / Therapist   
Lynn Heselton, MSN, APRN, EMDR, Psychiatric Nurse / Therapist near Dallas
"I am a very experienced counselor with a wide range of expertise. I am comfortable with more complex conditions. I am the innovator of a new psychotherapy to effectively and rapidly treat trauma and dissociation ..."
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Lynn Heselton, MSN, APRN
5017 Heritage Ave.
Colleyville, TX 76034

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Laurie House, LPC, LCPC, LMHC (22.3 miles from Dallas)
Professional Counselor / Therapist   
Laurie House, LPC, LCPC, LMHC, Professional Counselor / Therapist near Dallas
"I believe that my effectiveness can be greatly attributed to an empathic way of seeking to understand and working together with individuals to find solutions that promote growth, healing and change.
I have worked ..."
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Near Carroll Senior High School
Southlake, TX 76092

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Tracy Crain, M.S., LPC-S, LCDC (22.3 miles from Dallas)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Tracy Crain, M.S., LPC-S, LCDC, Marriage and Family Therapist near Dallas
"Tracy Crain’s Credentials

Tracy Crain, M.S., LPC-S, LCDC, has been in practice since 2000 and is a member of the American Counseling Association, the Texas Counseling Association, and the Texas Association of ..."
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305 Miron Drive
Southlake, TX 76092

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Jeanine Roddy, M.A., CCC SLP (23.9 miles from Dallas)
Speech Therapist & Feeding Therapist   
Jeanine Roddy, M.A., CCC SLP, Speech Therapist & Feeding Therapist near Dallas
"Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy focuses on pediatric speech therapy, feeding therapy as well as language and communication skills training. Our speech pathology treatment is delivered in one-on-one settings in our ..."
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Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy
4645 Wyndham Lane
Suite 210
Frisco, TX 75033

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