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Portland Therapists

Find a Therapist in Portland, OR

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Therapists 1-12 of 12
Lee Scher, MA, LPC (Portland Therapist)
Professional Counselor / Therapist   
Lee Scher, MA, LPC, Professional Counselor / Therapist in Portland
"I specialize in offering therapeutic support to people who are:
• Dealing with a major life transition or loss
• Experiencing depression, anxiety or anger
• Recovering from physical, sexual and/or emotional ..."
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1962 NW Kearney St., #302
Portland, OR 97209

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Helene Goode, LPC, NCC, CADCI (Portland Therapist)
Professional Counselor / Therapist   
Helene Goode, LPC, NCC, CADCI, Professional Counselor / Therapist in Portland
"I love to help clients find their 'voice' and connection in the world. I have a special interest in working with adult children of alcoholics and other adults who are affected by someone else’s addiction(s).

There ..."
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Goode Counseling
530 SE 34th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

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Julie Williams, PsyD (Portland Therapist)
Julie Williams, PsyD, Psychologist in Portland
"I believe everyone has the answers to their struggles but that sometimes we need guidance in order to find them. I use the therapist-client relationship as a way to understand what is happening for the client outside ..."
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Julie Williams PsyD
833 SW 11th Avenue
Suite 414
Portland, OR 97205

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Beth Bloom, PsyD (Portland Therapist)
Beth Bloom, PsyD, Psychologist in Portland
"As an insight-oriented therapist, my goal is to help you better understand yourself and what matters to you, uncover your true potential, and lead a life that is worth celebrating. Together we can work to make sense of, ..."
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510 SW 3rd Ave. Suite 200
Portland, OR 97204

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Ursina Teuscher, PhD (Portland Therapist)
Decision Counselor/Coach   
Ursina Teuscher, PhD, Decision Counselor/Coach in Portland
"Are you stuck in a big and difficult decision?
Or do you get tripped up by too many daily decisions? Would you like to get more work done? Establish healthier habits? Improve your time management?

I offer decision ..."
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Teuscher Counseling, LLC
522 SW 5th Ave, Suite 1118
Portland, OR 97204

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Kavitha Goldowitz, MA, LMFT (Portland Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Kavitha Goldowitz, MA, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist in Portland
"I have over 10 years experience working with children and families. My area of expertise includes working with ethnic and multicultural population and addressing issues related to couples in inter-racial marriages, ..."
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Kavitha Goldowitz, M.A, LMFT
819 SE Morrison Street
suite 230
Portland, OR 97214

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Kathy Querin, MA MFT LPC CADC I (Portland Therapist)
Professional Counselor / Therapist   
Kathy Querin, MA MFT LPC CADC I, Professional Counselor / Therapist in Portland
"We all feel frustrated, confused, and stuck in our lives at one point or another. Sometimes, external situations beyond our control create problems and sometimes, it is our own thinking and actions that seem to keep our ..."
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Kathy Querin, MA MFT LPC CADC I
7175 SW Beveland St., Suite 200
Portland, OR 97223

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Steven Shaps, MA, MFT (Portland Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Steven Shaps, MA, MFT, Marriage and Family Therapist in Portland
"Often the first step seems the most difficult, yet for most people like yourself, that first step can lead to a sense of liberation and a breath of fresh air as challenges are brought out into the open.

Seeking ..."
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Steven Shaps Marriage & Family Therapist
Portland, OR 97217

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Sonya Jones, LPC (7.5 miles from Portland)
Professional Counselor / Therapist   
Sonya Jones, LPC, Professional Counselor / Therapist near Portland
"As your therapist, I am committed to providing compassionate counseling services in a warm, friendly environment that will help you find a sense of balance and hope for your life and relationships. I combine ..."
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Hope Counseling Services, LLC
7175 SW Beveland Street
Suite #200
Tigard, OR 97223

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Refresh Therapy (8.9 miles from Portland)
Group Practice   
Refresh Therapy, Group Practice near Portland
"Our goal was to create a place for you to settle in and tell your story. Everybody has one, and we want to hear yours. Counseling is a process that encourages you to examine your choices, your thoughts, your dreams, ..."
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Refresh Therapy
16701 SE McGillivray Blvd
Suite 125
Vancouver, WA 98683

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Sharon Winkler, LICSW, MAC (9.7 miles from Portland)
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist   
Sharon Winkler, LICSW, MAC, Clinical Social Worker / Therapist near Portland
"Research shows that the ‘fit’ between client and psychotherapist has a significant impact on outcome. I am skilled, experienced, and committed to your well being. You are open about yourself and your life and sincere ..."
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200 East 22nd Street
Vancouver, WA 98663

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John D. Adler, PhD (11.6 miles from Portland)
Photo Not
510 NE Roberts Ave, #330
Gresham, OR 97030

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