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Michael J. Salas, PsyD, LPC, LCDC, CSAT, CST

Office: Vantage Point Counseling Services
3300 Oak Lawn Ave, Suite 601
Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 310-0417
Cell Phone: (214) 471-8650
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Web Site:
Profession: Professional Counselor/Therapist
Services: Psychotherapy/Counseling
Telehealth (Video/Phone) Therapy
Practice Description:
We are offering online telehealth therapy during the coronavirus outbreak. Call now if you have any questions about these services. I know that this time is full of stress and a lot of changes. Although I work a lot with issues relating to sex and addictions, I also have a long history of working with anxiety and trauma and am able to help cope and adjust in these trying times.

Whether you're struggling with sexual satisfaction in your relationship, trauma or addictions, I can help. I work with people who are hoping to build better connections with themselves and their partners. Whether you're trying to find balance in your life, heal old wounds or new, I can help.

I also work with people who are dealing with betrayal and trauma in their relationships. If you're keeping sexual secrets from your partner or spouse, I can help. As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and a Certified Sex Therapist, I understand the dynamics that lead to infidelity, multiple affairs, and pornography addiction. I also understand what can create sexual frustration within a marriage or partnership.

Maybe you've been engaging in sex with others outside of your relationship, and your partner or spouse has discovered this. I can help you and your partner move past this period in your relationship and rebuild trust and communication. I can help you identify the reasons for your behavior and move through the shame of what has happened.

I can also help if you're in a relationship that doesn't feel sexually satisfying. Together, we'll identify what it is that you want, and create a discussion about this in a way that can work. Whether it be a problem with sexual satisfaction, you're questioning your sexual orientation, or you're dealing with a problem with sexual arousal, I can help. We'll work to help you discuss this in a way that can make extremely topics feel less insurmountable and that will help you with your own level of authenticity.

Whether you're early in your journey to healthy sexuality, or you're further down the path, I will use the specialized training I have, so that we can work towards you having a better sex life, as well as better relationships.

Although you may think that you're the only one in the situation that you're in, know that you're not. There are many who are dealing with this, and with the right help, you can make it through this. Please visit my websites to learn more about me, my approaches to helping people, my services, and how I may be able to help.
Practice Specialties or Interests:

(Strengths are
in bold text)
Sex Addiction
Sexual Dysfunctions
Sexual Dysfunction
Adjustment Disorder
Anxiety Disorders/Phobias
Asperger's Syndrome
Gay/Lesbian Issues
Gender Identity
HIV/AIDS-related Issues
Impaired Professionals
Impulse Control Disorders
Men's Issues
Relationship Issues
Sexual Abuse
Substance Abuse
Financial and Work Disorders
Age Specialties: Adults
Session Formats: Individual
Treatment Approaches: Cognitive/Cognitive-Behavioral
Gottman Model Therapy
Additional Demographic Expertise: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender
People with Disabilities
Education: Master's of Arts in Counseling
Doane College, 2008

Doctorate of Psychology
California Southern University, 2019
License #: 68431
License State: Texas
Additional Licenses/ Certifications: Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Texas
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
Certified Multiple Addictions Therapist
Certified Sex Therapist
EMDR Trained
Professional Affiliations:
Texas Counseling Association
International Institute for Trauma Addiction Professionals
Texas Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling
American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists
Texas Sex Therapy Institute
Society for Advancement in Sexual Health
Somatic Experiencing Training Institute
Fee Schedule: $175 per individual
$60 per group session
Accepted Insurance: Any PPO (with Out-of-Network Benefits)
Insurance and Billing Instructions: I help my clients to bill their insurance provider out-of-network.
Additional Comments: For clients who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual, I provide LGBT Affirming Therapy. There is no such thing as changing someone's sexual orientation. You do not have to be ashamed of who you are. As a professional who has worked to help many through the trauma caused by Reparative and Conversion therapy, I know that this will not work. If you are dealing with same sex attractions, or you feel confused by your gender identity, call me today. Together, we'll work to identify the next steps and make it through this challenging journey.

Michael J. Salas, PsyD, LPC, LCDC, CSAT, CST, Counselor / Therapist in Dallas

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 Additional Information
In Practice Since:  2008
Gender:  Male
Accepting New Clients:  Yes
Prescribe Medication:  No
Wheelchair Accessible:  Yes

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Dallas Sex Therapy
Dallas Sex Therapy

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Last Modified: 5/29/2020  

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Page Reference: Michael J. Salas, PsyD, LPC, LCDC, CSAT, CST - Counselor / Therapist in Dallas, TX
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