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Marsha Vannicelli, Ph.D.

Group Psychotherapy

                                                Understanding Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy is a special form of therapy in which a small number of people meet together under the leadership of a professionally trained therapist to help themselves and one another. It has been widely used as a treatment option for over 50 years.

If you stop and think about it, each of us has been raised in group environments, through our families, schools, organized activities and work. These are the environments in which we grow and develop as human beings. Group psychotherapy similarly provides a place where you can come together with others to share problems or concerns, to better understand your own situation, and to learn from and with others.

Group therapy helps people learn about themselves and improve their interpersonal relationships. It addresses feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety. And, it helps people make significant changes so they feel better about the quality of their lives.

(Excerpt adapted from American Group Psychotherapy Association pamphlet, "Group Works." For full text, including Common Asked Questions about Group Psychotherapy, email: info [at]

More information about How I see group work can be found on my website ( and on the Group Therapy Page and also on my Posts page:  Guide to Group Therapy: What to Expect as a Group Member

Current Groups

I  lead several evening therapy groups for high functioning adults (early 30s through late 70s) in Cambridge and the Boston Area. Group themes include relationship issues, parenting, career issues, dealing with aging parents, managing anxiety and depression, and aging.

Ongoing Groups

Adults in Transition

Group for Adult Male and Female Clients (early 40s to late 60s). For high functioning individuals, many of whom suffer from depression, anxiety, or addiction problems (once stabilized) who find that issues from their family of origin are often replicated in current relationships, influencing communication, authenticity, and intimacy. These issues may also play out currently in dealing with offspring, aging parents, spouses and ex-spouses, as well as ongoing life transitions.

Meets Tuesdays 6:15 PM

Professional Women in Transition

Group for Women (early 30s to mid 60s). For high functioning women (many of whom are ACOAs) who tend to the needs of others before attending to their own and who find that issues from their family of origin are often replicated in current relationships. The group helps members learn more about their own needs and how to get them met more satisfactorily as they deal with career issues, child rearing, marital stress, and aging parents.

Meets Wednesdays 5:15 PM

High Functioning Older Adults

Group for Mature Adults (early 60s to mid 70s). For high functioning individuals, who despite considerable life success, may experience depression, anxiety and a sense of meaninglessness. For some, the prospect of aging or retirement may exacerbate dysfunctional ways of coping that may add to feelings of isolation and alienation. A group with others who experience similar issues can provide a useful forum for dealing with stress, reducing loneliness and finding greater meaning.

Meets Wednesdays 6:45 PM

New Groups Forming

Group for Seniors in Transition

Group for high functioning seniors (65 and older) focus on the transitions associated with later years of adult life (retirement, downsizing, age-related health issues, empty nest, and loss) as well as ways of finding new meaning and connection in later years. The value of group for this population has been underscored in The Harvard Study of Adult Development which tracked the lives of two groups of men for 78 years and shows that meaningful personal connections benefit both health and sense of well-being.

Meeting Time TBD

Group for Supervision/Consultation and Practice Development

Group for mental health professionals to enhance clinical skill, add clinical perspective, and develop a successful private practice. Group consultation for senior therapists, as well as those in early and mid career can prevent burnout and maximize professional satisfaction, moving a struggling clinical practice to new heights of success.

Meeting Time TBD


Marsha Vannicelli, Ph.D., Cambridge

 Practice Locations
Cambridge, MA 02138

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Group Psychotherapy

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Last Modified: 10/25/2019  

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