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Jeanne L. Alexander MD

Location: 2920 Domingo Avenue, Ste 204
Berkeley, CA 94705
Phone: (510) 845-9005
Email: Send email to Jeanne L. Alexander MD Send email
Profession: Psychiatrist
Services: Telehealth (Video/Phone) Therapy
Medication Evaluations
Medication Management
Psychiatric Evaluations

I do TELEMEDICINE and have been doing it for years. We can do a consultation and the follow up appointments by telemedicine. When the COVID 19 pandemic resolves, you may choose whether to come in person, if convenient, or continue via telemedicine appointments. The geographic spread of my practice is throughout the Bay Area as well as patients in LA in the entertainment industry who started with me while they worked in the Bay Area.

I treat many professionals working for Google, Facebook, Apple, & other tech companies in Silicon Valley with telemedicine. Prior to full time private practice, I was an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford, 1996-2009. I have a great deal of experience treating very successful people who would like to reduce their symptoms of anxiety, low mood, & ADHD even though they are managing regardless.

I evaluate the influence of medical conditions, nutrition, lifestyle factors, stress, PMS, menopause, & hormones on wellness. I incorporate alternative medicine, mindfulness, and stress reduction in treatment. I am happy to collaborate with your therapist if you have one.
Session Formats: Individuals
Practice Description: My patients have relayed to me that what would have been most helpful to them in knowing whether or not to see a particular doctor would be what others had to say about that doctor. In that spirit, here are a few recent comments from my patients who commented on Yelp, along with one older comment from the Berkeley Parents Network.

*****I am a post menopausal woman whose ADD was undiagnosed prior to the thorough evaluation by Dr Alexander. My life has certainly improved with the treatment she has prescribed. During the regular follow up appointments, I have found her to be insightful, compassionate and intelligent.
Her office is conveniently located and making an appointment has not been a problem. I highly recommend her! Jan B, Martinez, CA

*****I am a 41 year old female Registered Nurse, married to a physician, and I say this only to illustrate that I am not a layperson and I do have some medical knowledge, so you would think that it would be easier for me to find a qualified psychiatrist. That being said, I have been to many psychiatrists for my ADHD and Depression to get treatment that would really help, not just giving me different meds and handing out prescriptions. I went to The Amen Clinic in Fairfield and The Hallowell Center in NYC, etc. I felt like they would empathize with me and then just give me a prescription. I never got any better. I never felt like my depression was improving. I am very fortunate to have found Dr Alexander. She was so thorough. She looks at me as a whole person, not just a psychiatric patient. She looks at my nutrition, sleep, happiness, social interaction. After 5 or 6 years of feeling desperate to find a doctor that would actually try to figure out my 'whole' picture, I am happy to say that I feel better! Yay! Without ANY hesitation I would highly recommend Dr Alexander. Anne H, Copperopolis, CA

*****At the crossroads I found myself, I could not have found a better person to walk me through the steps to wellness. I am of an age where ADD was always a possibility but never anything I was willing to look at. Since depression based on the ADD was also an issue she was the perfect person to assist and see me through. Dr. Alexander's experience and expertise helped me with more than I knew in reference to my life and my choices. I highly recommend her and she works with all types of health plans. Hoping you find your light, L. Peter E, Oakland, CA

*****Jeanne really knows what she is talking about. Spot-on diagnosis. Definitely recommend. However, she is quite expensive and does not take insurance. Worth the money, I say. Joshua H, Albany, CA

*****A person's experience in life depends in large part on that person's expectations. If you see Dr. Alexander, or take someone you care about to see Dr. Alexander, with the expectation that Dr. Alexander will "fix" you or your loved one, then chances are high that you will be unhappy with Dr. Alexander. If you are willing to take responsibility for your health, then Dr. Alexander can help guide you. I was at my wits' end when I happened to find Dr. Alexander. My daughter had withdrawn from college, was extremely depressed, and had been working with a psychiatrist who specialized in my daughter's previously diagnosed disorder. Dr. Alexander assessed my daughter, made the proper diagnosis, prescribed the right meds, carefully adjusted the meds, and now my daughter is doing so amazingly well (back in school, doing outstanding work, and she is happy). Dr. Alexander helped my daughter get to a place where she could function, but the responsibility for "getting well" really depended on how motivated my daughter was to "get it together" so she could go back to school. I told my daughter that thanks to Dr. Alexander, you were able to return to school and function, but it was her responsibility to get to class on time, eat decently well, get almost adequate sleep, and produce wonderful art. Mona N, Santa Cruz, CA

*****I consulted Dr. Leventhal-Alexander because I was frustrated with the assessment and direction I had received elsewhere for my lifelong ADHD, and more recent hormone imbalances. I am very grateful that I found her. She really listens, she is thoughtful and intelligent in her assessment of my medical records and myself, and her guidance has been excellent. She treats me with respect. I have had no problems with any billings or any prescriptions. I have found her to be a warm, funny, caring professional who is truly expert in her field (just read the extensive list of articles she has written). I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone struggling with the issues that she lists on her website as her areas of expertise. Louisa J, Hayward, CA

*****I really enjoyed working with Jeanne. She has a friendly and straightforward style that worked well for me, and I was able to have real conversations with her. I felt right from the start that she was on my side, that she truly cared, and that she was going to hang in there with me until I was okay. She was also very generous with her time.I have years of experiences with psychiatrists and Jeanne is the best of the best. I recommend her to anyone who is struggling and wants help. Cece L, Berkeley, CA

*****Dr. Alexander is fantastic. A consummate professional who has a level of expertise far beyond what one typically finds. Funny, caring and empathic as well. For anyone with a complicated medical history and in need to expert care, this is the doc to see. J. S., Oakland, California

*****My daughter had her third appointment with Dr. Alexander. A friend of mine had seen her while Dr. Alexander worked at Kaiser Permanente and spoke very highly of her. We have tried many Dr's for our daughter and not one has shown the interest and integrity of Dr. Alexander. She is very well informed, takes a great deal of time with our daughter, and has made more progress with her in three visits than all the other combined. I can not recommend her highly enough. Erika K, Lafayette, California

*****Dr. Leventhal is probably the best in the business. No wonder she is often booked up - although, I got an appointment within a week. I've seen a few doctors in my day but I have never had one perform a 1 1/2 hour intake interview in order to truly understand my medical history. I highly recommend her and encourage anyone seeking help with post-partum depression , as I did , to give her a call. Margret L, Berkeley, California

****Here's what having Dr. Alexander as a psychiatrist looks like:
On my first visit, she gave me a very thorough battery of surveys, surveys that are widely accepted and have proven validity and reliability in the psychiatric profession. The result of these surveys pinpointed in a scientific way the conditions that exist. She then worked with me over several weeks to create the best medication combination (in both type and amount). It's a continual process, and she's tenacious in her approach. I'm knocking off one star only because she's not a preferred provider on Blue Cross. Jason R, Eugene, Oregon

*****Dr. Alexander is the best psychiatrist I've ever had, bar none.

She has a no-nonsense yet empathetic and caring personality, and shows a genuine care for her patients, but that would mean nothing if she didn't know what she was doing. She does.

The medication cocktail she prescribed for me is more effective than anything I've tried in the past, and I've tried oh-so-many with other psychiatrists. I am so glad I found Dr. Alexander, because I've dealt with very serious depression for many years, and I'd all but given up when I found her since other psychiatrists hadn't been able to effectively treat me -- and yet she does - with unquestionably positive results. I think it's probably fair to say that she saved my life. I've never written that kind of accolade in a review before.
H. E., Oakland, California

*****Great doctor who really knows what she's doing and will think outside the box. In addition to being creative and very knowledgeable, she's personable and like-able. I highly recommend her. Jane M, Richmond, California

*****Dr. Alexander is very compassionate about her work. She is patient, kind, and verrrry intelligent. She has helped me so much and goes out of her way to help her patients. This doctor cares and loves what she does. If you are serious about getting proper care, Dr. Alexander is definitely worth it. The world needs more doctors like Dr. A. Anita F, Alameda, California

*****Dr. Alexander's diagnostic skills and her ability to empathize make her an extremely effective psychiatrist. She is extraordinarily perceptive and is able to focus on specific needs and then recommend therapeutic resources to meet those needs. I found Jeanne to be patient, thoughtful, intelligent, professional, and caring, and highly recommend her. Greg M, Walnut Creek, California

*****Jeanne has provided much relief to my mental and physical well being. The statement doesn't cover how much she has done for me. I was almost unable to function when I saw her for the first time. I didn't realize how long I had been depressed until I started with her. Through her questionnaires she was able to diagnose my deep depression and maniac periods. She immediately prescribed some medication that took effect right away. We are still working on the final stages of finding the right "cocktail" of medication, but I am getting closer to my desired state of mental wellness. Our goal is to get to a point where I only see her twice a year, just to stay current. I feel I am getting closer to that point.

Also, she was able to recommend a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist that has given me some tools to manage my daily life. She communicates with the therapist about my case so that she can apply that knowledge to my well being.

Jeanne has been able to schedule many appointments for me when I have not felt myself, so that we can make adjustments to my treatment. She is wonderful at responding to my emails when I have had concerns.

I honestly don't know how I would be dealing with daily life without her help.
Cj M, Orinda, California

*****Dr. Jeanne has made a significant difference in my well being. I feel like my true self for the first time in many years. I have seen numerous doctors and practioners over the last two decades. I have some family mental health history and a complicated diagnosis. Jeanne is the first professional to do extensive intake and assessment to get my treatment right. I firmly believe this approach along with her unique backgroud in women's health, endocrinology, psychopharmacology and psychiatry have made the difference. I highly recommend her. Her rates are relative to others in her field, and despite not taking individual insurance plans, she is diligent and resourceful in helping patients submit claims for maximum reimbursement. I will continue with Jeanne and her treatment plan for a long time to come. Janise E, Pleasanton, California

*****Jeanne is a truly exceptional practitioner.

She is caring, compassionate, and warm. She shows genuine concern for me, making me feel like I really matter to her, which I know I do. She's direct, she calls me on BS, and she says what she really thinks (I love this and I need this) but she does so with such compassion and respect it's easy to hear.. She's extremely well-educated, she's on top of all current research, and she even does extra research to understand my specific situation fully. She's also really insightful and perceptive, putting together the physiological aspects of my situation together with the psycho-emtional components to capture the totality of the issues I face and putting them all together in a cohesive picture.

She knows the medications and approaches them with delicacy and concern. She doesn't just prescribe willy nilly - she really takes into account who I am, what I face, and what my unique physiology is.

The first time I saw her she took a two-hour family history followed by a one-hour personal history. She put together the family dynamics and the medical history together with what I'm currently facing to develop a holistic (sorry for the buzzword, but it applies) approach to treatment.

I'm sorry for the rambling, but I'm really grateful to Jeanne I want to express it.
Jeremy K, Berkeley, California

*****Jeanne is an exceptionally smart, experienced and compassionate psychiatrist. I was fortunate to have been referred to her by another therapist for the treatment of my chronic pain and all of the mental/emotional issues that go with the territory. Dr. Alexander helped me identify the right medications for me and referred me to my current therapist, who has also helped me a great deal in coping with my situation. I definitely recommend her to anyone seeking the guidance of a seasoned Psych with impressive credentials and a caring attitude toward her patients. Jill W, Orinda, California

*****Jeanne is the first doctor I've seen who really gets the whole picture. She combines extensive knowledge of psychopharmacology with deep intuition for the root of a patient's distress and how to address it. She listened carefully, took time to get to know me, and asked a lot of good questions other doctors didn't think to ask before beginning my treatment. In addition to finding just the right medication to relieve my crippling anxiety she has taught me to have compassion for myself and a sense of humor about the human condition. Years of therapy didn't work for me. I am so grateful to the therapist who highly recommended Jeanne. I feel calm and hopeful for the first time I can remember. Mary C, Berkeley, California

*****Smart, efficient, no-nonsense,caring and compassionate - an absolutely unbeatable combination! Her focus was always on me - how I felt, what would help, what I needed, what I could use, and how to get me to the next step. She put her incredible smarts towards helping me deal with my concerns, fully explaining diagnoses, potential treatments - pros and cons - and alternatives. She wasn't wedded to a specific format, style, or medication - she always took the time (and did the research!) to work out what would work best for me at each stage of my treatment. She valued my feedback and always made me feel like a colleague in our (!) process. I can't be sufficiently grateful. Extremely highly recommended! Deborah Z., Oakland, California

*****A girlfriend recommended Dr. Alexander after hearing her speak at a women's conference. When I told Dr. Alexander about my hormonal issues that were affecting my marriage, family and most importantly my self image. She was very thorough in evaluating my history and could help me cut through alot of my brain fog to see what I needed to focus on and prioritize.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Alexander to all women!! L. L., San Francisco, California

*****This was my first time meeting with a psychiatrist. The first session with her was really great! She is very caring and understanding. This session was really worth every penny. She is very knowledgeable and very modern. She is about to change my life! Every morning, I feel like a better person. I feel really lucky to be Dr. Alexander's patient. Joanne H, Burlingame, California

*****Dr Leventhal took an extensive background history and was very thorough in getting to understand my personal situation.  In addition, my desire is to find ways to deal with mental health other than purely through medication.  Dr Leventhal has been very supportive of this referring me to other professionals and encouraging my vision.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a psychiatrist. Marcus H, Oakland, California

*****I came to Dr. Alexander through my psychotherapist; we were looking for someone who would treat me as a whole person and who would be willing to hear my story and to engage in dialogue with me about a variety of issues. I also was of course looking for someone highly competent in diagnosing psychiatric conditions and prescribing treatments. Dr. Alexander more than fulfilled my expectations. She is knowledgeable, intuitive, concerned, and caring, and she goes out of her way to explain diagnoses and treatments. She came up with the perfect medication to treat me and was very carefully attentive to the dose that worked best for me. She has particular expertise in women's health but was beyond qualified to help a male patient--me--with my own issues. I recommend her with utmost enthusiasm. John Q, Berkeley, California

***** When I was desperately need to see a psychiatrist, no one would response to me except for Dr. Alexander. She has been instrumental and anlytical treating me as her patient, taking care of my most immediate needs as well as planing for my long term recovery. She is the most supportive, compassionate doctor I have met and is more than a doctor to me during a very difficult time of my life. Francis L , Oakland, California

*****Attentive, knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend. Judy W, Danville, California

*****When providers at my HMO couldn't "connect the dots" with my care, I finally decided to seek outside help.  Jeanne Leventhal Alexander came highly recommended, and I'm glad I sought her help.  Jeanne quickly put together the pieces that my HMO was missing.  Some doctors are smart, some are caring, some are quick-- but it's hard to find everything in one person. Jeanne is a rare combination of all those things we want in a health care professional-- she's persistent, intelligent, insightful, responsive, genuine and warm.  I really appreciate the expertise she has added to my healthcare. Jenna W, Santa Rosa, California

*****Dr. Alexander is by far the best doctor I have seen.  She is incredibly thorough and provides wonderful care.  I come to Berkeley from the other side of the tunnel to see her and it's absolutely worth it.  Dr. Alexander is a brilliant doctor and seems to be knowledgeable about everything!  She is always willing to take whatever different approaches are needed in order to benefit the patient, and her tenacity is amazing.  I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone. JM, Lafayette, California

*****Dr. Leventhal Alexander is one of the best doctors and the best psychiatrist I have ever worked with.  Her intellect is fierce and her heart is huge.  She has taken such good care of me over the past five years and I don't know where I would be without her.  As a good psychiatrist should, she has gotten me to a place where I rarely need to see her anymore,  but when I e-mail or call her with a question, concern or need she always responds immediately.  Just knowing she is a phone call away has been an incredible reassurance over the past 4+ years. DO, El Cerrito, California

*****If you're luck, you run into a doctor like Jeanne Alexander once in a lifetime. She has the kind of voracious intellectual and curiosity that delights in recognizing subtle clues, teasing out underlying factors, and making connections across medical disciplines. She sent my young adult son home with a new medication plan, a new beahvioral plan, a plethora of practical advice, new hope, and referrals for the evaluation of contributing factors we hadn't even suspected. Her network of specialists is dazzling and they pay attention when Jeanne Alexander refers someone to them. She is also a delight to work with: warm, intuitive and generous of spirit. She remains available as a resource after the consultation process is over. I've never written an online review in my life, before this, but Jeanne Alexander changes peoples live's. See her! Gael J, Oakland, California

*****I met with Dr. Leventhal last year,  given questions about medication that had been prescribed for anxiety.  Dr. Leventhal took a VERY extensive history and wrote an amazingly thorough report, and provided me with good information about medication options.  Since that time, Dr. Leventhal has quickly responded to my request for recommendations for CBT therapists in the bay area, and also in another state (the latter necessitating Dr. Leventhal to consult with various colleagues of hers in that state).  Her help and expertise is very much appreciated. Mark T, Berkeley, California

*****I can not thank Dr. Leventhal-Alexander enough for everything that she did. She was the first person who really sat down and listened. She instantly knew what was going on just by looking at me, and she was the first person who honestly cared. She took time out of her weekend to help me in an emergency visit and worked with me to find the best solutions. She changed my life for the better. I would highly recommend Dr. Leventhal-Alexander, your life is worth it=) EP, Goleta & Lafayette, California

*****Being in complete emotional distress due to perimenopause, I was looking for a doctor who was an expert in hormones and mood. Three different professionals all pointed me in the direction of Dr. Alexander. She was a lifesaver-not only was she warm, respectful, comforting, and hopeful, she is an EXPERT in her field. Her suggestion for my treatment took into account my entire life history and got me back on track in my life-the difference was like night and day. She was also very available for consultation in between appointments. I recommend her without reservations. SL, Berkeley, California

*****Jeanne Leventhal Alexander knows more about the connections between hormones and women's mental health than any doctor I've come across. Other M.D.s recommend her when they suspect a woman is suffering from hormone-related emotional issues, which is how I originally found her. She helped me enormously with problems with PMDD (a serious form of PMS) and later perimenopausal mood swings. She is very generous with her time and willing to keep on trying new tactics when others fail. She also has a sense of humor and is very personable and enjoyable to work with. Nina F, Oakland, California

*****"Having much experience on both sides of the consultation room, I, a man, was so emphatically impressed with Dr. Alexander's approach to clinical assessment, differential diagnosis and treatment. So often I have seen extensive assessments leading to the "same ol'" treatment for everyone. Dr. Alexander take the time, uses creative assessment instruments, and implements treatment interventions which she tests for outcome, tweaks, and provides consultations access 24/7 regarding outcome. What a "find", Dr. Alexander!: NR, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, YELP

*****Dr. Leventhal was the light at the end of a very long tunnel. She literally saved my life. She was always encouraging and positive, repeatedly telling me I was going to be okay and happier than I've possibly ever been before in my life. After many, many years of suffering, seeing numerous doctors, Dr. Leventhal was the first to listen to my entire health history and to take what I was saying seriously and in so doing in a very short time frame identified the issues everyone else had been missing. In this world there are many doctors, but there are very few outstanding doctors. Dr. Leventhal is truly an outstanding doctor who looks at the whole patient and the entire medical history.
Thank you Dr. Leventhal. RAM, DANVILLE, CALIFORNIA, YELP

*****I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Alexander at a very stressful time. I had adverse reactions to many medicines and Dr. Alexander never gave up on me. Her treatment of my situation went way beyond the call of duty. She was generous with both her time and energy. She was kind, patient and caring. Dr. Alexander is an excellent doctor and I can't thank her enough! A Fabulous doctor! SC, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, YELP

*****Dr Alexander is one of a kind. She is the most knowledgeable, well informed and up-to-date on current practice and medications doctor I have ever met. On top of that, she relates to patients in a personal, compassionate, caring and in-depth way. She is a psychiatrist that talks to her patients and sees potential and possibilities in them rather than labeling a condition or disorder and just dispensing medication. In our case, we believe that Dr. Alexander has literally been a life saver. After unsuccessful treatment with two other psychiatrists, we made the move to Dr. Alexander. It was like going from black and white to 3-D color. Dr. Alexander worked with the whole family to help us deal with the family member in mental crisis. She was able to stabilize our family member and then help them get back towards normal - actually, better than their old normal.
Dr. Alexander defines what a doctor should be and is everything that a patient could wish for. If I could give her more than 5 starts, I would. LM, LAFAYETTE, CALIFORNIA, YELP

*****Dr. Alexander is simply a terrific psychiatrist. She knows her field and treats her patients as people not "sick" people. I would highly recommend her as a "go to" person in the process of enhancing mental health. RICHARD, ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA, YELP

*****“My wife has been undergoing anti-depressant treatment with Dr. Jeanne Leventhal Alexander … I have been impressed by Dr. Leventhal Alexander’s breadth of knowledge and her desire to stay at the forefront of research for both clinical depression, as well as women's hormonal issues. She is well known and, therefore, very much in demand…how you're handling the meds, what kinds of side effects, etc….She is overwhelmingly committed to finding you the best regimen. Having first-hand experience with this, both my wife and I know how hard it is to hit on the right kind of treatment (we're still fine-tuning things over selves)-- we wish you all the best.” anonymous, 2006, Berkeley Parents Network.


My private office is conveniently located across from the Claremont Hotel, a few blocks from the Hwy 24 tunnel, Hwy 24 from Oakland, or Hwy 13. There is also excellent access driving up Ashby from 880 below Berkeley-if you are coming from San Francisco or Marin. The office is directly next to a Peet's Coffee, and near one of the beloved restaurants for this area, Rick and Ann's. Because of this wonderful location, and my expertise, my patients come from as far as San Ramon, Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Marin if they wish in person for care or can combine with telemedicine appointments. If they arrive early, they often go to Peet's coffee first. Also, keep in mind that this kind of psychopharmacology/medication practice involves an intake appointment, then intermittent appointments for managing the medication process. For those who live in Southern California or Silicon Valley, all telemedicine has been easiest for them.


Medication Management


I practice full time medical psychiatry, psychopharmacology, and psychoneuroendocrinology. I have a primary psychopharmacology practice treating patients who sometimes have concurrent medical problems. I find that some of these medical problems are adding to the illness and occasionally are found to be the primary cause of the mood or anxiety problem. My expertise in hormone related problems gives me a unique perspective on women with anxiety or mood problems that occur during times of hormonal transition. With this experience, I have learned the value of taking a detailed history on every aspect of a patient’s life, history, and health. I have also learned the value of being both a knowledgeable psychiatrist as well as being comfortable with the aspects of medicine relevant to delivering this kind of care.


Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults (diagnosed or not)
Mood problems related to prednisone treatment for other conditions (asthma, lupus, and other autoimmune conditions)
Thyroid problems associated with fatigue (not feeling right)

Premenstrual Syndrome
Treating any psychiatric condition in pregnancy and post partum
Menopause/breast cancer/Hysterectomy related mood, sleep, hot flashes, or libido/sexual response problems
Practice Specialties or Interests:

(Strengths are
in bold text)
Adjustment Disorder
Chronic Physical Illness
Pregnancy & Postpartum Issues
Stress Management
Women's Issues
Menopause Related Problems
Premenstrual Syndrome
ADHD and "Silicon Valley/Computer jobs"
Age Specialties: Adults
Treatment Approaches: Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Light Therapy
Psychopharmacology, Medication Management, Medical Psychiatry
Education: BA, Biochemistry
University of California, Berkeley

MD, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Residency, Psychiatry
New York University Medical Center
License #: G52060
Licensed In: California
Additional Licenses/ Certifications: Board Certified, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology (ABPN),
Board Certified, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Canada -F.R.C.P(C)
Professional Affiliations:
ACP American College of Psychiatry , invitation only
ISPN International Society for Psychoneuroendocrinology
NAMS North American Menopause Society
APA American Psychiatric Association
ISSWSH International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health
Accepted Insurance: No insurance, you may submit bill as "non preferred provider"
Insurance and Billing Details: PAYMENT-FEES
It is important for those reading my website to understand that I do not take insurance.
Patients can turn in their bill to their insurance if their insurance allows “non-preferred provider” reimbursement. I also have opted out of medicare and thus do not take medicare.
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9-4PM
1) 5 STARS- Richard H, Alameda
2) 5 STARS-Neil R, Berkeley
3) 5 STARS-RK, Berkeley
4) 5 STARS-EP, Lafayette
5) 5 STARS-GJ, Oakland
6) 5 STARS-LM, Lafayette
7) 5 STARS-RM, Danville
8) 5 STARS-NF, Oakland
9) 5 STARS-Mark T, Berkeley
10) 5 STARS-DO, El Cerrito
11) 5 STARS-JM, Lafayette
12) 5 STARS, JW, Santa Rosa
13) 5 STARS, Judy W, Danville
14) 5 STARS, FL, Oakland
15) 5 STARS, John Q, Berkeley
16) 5 STARS, Marcus H, Oakland
17) 5 STARS, SC, Berkeley


2014-Royer Award for outstanding contributions to Psychiatry presented by the UCSF Department of Psychiatry

2011-2020 Best Doctors in America,

2003 to Current-Top Doctors Award, Consumer Checkbook

2007-British Medical Association Medical Book Competition, “commended Mental Health” presented to the editors, David Castle, Jayashri Kulkarni, and Kathryn M Abel, and Cambridge University Press, for Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Women, my involvement in this project was as coauthor for chapter 11, Mood and Menopause, coauthors Lorraine Dennerstein and Jeanne Leventhal Alexander

2007-International Women’s Day Honor- Zonta Club of Berkeley/NorthBay, “In recognition of your work & contributions to our community, the members of the Zonta Club of Berkeley/North Bay honor you on International Women’s Day 2007”

2004-Elected to Fellowship, the American College of Psychiatry

2004-Certificate of Appreciation, United States Army Tripler Medical Center, Department of Gynecology, visiting faculty

2002-Elected to Fellowship, American Psychiatric Association

1991-Elected to membership, Group for Advancement of Psychiatry

1990-Elected to membership, American College of Psychiatry

1985-Good Housekeeping Centennial Issue Award, “One Hundred American Women of Promise”

1981 to 1982-Case Presentation, Psychoanalytic Continuous Case Seminar, New York University Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry

1980-The American College of Psychiatry Laughlin Fellowship Award, “In Recognition of Outstanding Leadership and Significant Achievements in Psychiatry”

1979-JM Foundation Fellowship in Rehabilitative Medicine

1975 to 1979-The Amelia Earhart Women in Aerospace Science Fellowship Award

1974-Skylab Achievement Award, NASA

1972 to 1973-University of California Alumni Scholar

1. Alexander JL: Mood, depression, and the menopausal transition. Manag Care. 2008 Mar; 17(3 Suppl 2): 10-4;discussion 25-6. Open Access

2. Alexander JL: Quest for timely detection and treatment of women with depression. J Manag Care Pharm. 2007 Nov; 13(9 Suppl A): S3-11. Review PMID: 18062736. Open Access

3. Alexander JL, Dennerstiein L: Expert Rev Neurother. 2007 Nov; 7(11 Suppl): S35-43. PMID: 18039067 [PubMed - in process] Series overview and introduction. Expert Rev Neurother. 2007 Nov; 7(11 Suppl): S3-6. PMID: 18039066 [PubMed - in process]. Open Access

4. Alexander JL, Dennerstein L, Woods NF, Halbreich U, Kotz K, Richardson G, Graziottin A, Sherman JJ: Arthralgias, bodily aches and pains and somatic complaints in midlife women: etiology, pathophysiology and differential diagnosis. Expert Rev Neurother. 2007 Nov; 7(11 Suppl): S15-26. PMID: 18039063 [PubMed - in process]. Open Access

5. Woods NF, Alexander JL, Dennerstein L, Richardson G: Impact of clinician and patient attitudes on clinical decision making for the symptomatic menopausal woman with or without comorbidity. Expert Rev Neurother. 2007 Nov; 7(11 Suppl): S27-34. PMID: 18039065 [PubMed - in process]. Open Access

6. Burger H, Woods NF, Dennerstein L, Alexander JL, Kotz K, Richardson G: Nomenclature and endocrinology of menopause and perimenopause. Expert Rev Neurother. 2007 Nov; 7(11 Suppl): S35-S43. [PubMed - in process]. Open Access

7. Alexander JL, Dennerstein L, Kotz K, Richardson G: Women, anxiety and mood: a review of nomenclature, comorbidity and epidemiology. Expert Rev Neurother. 2007 Nov; 7(11 Suppl): S45-58. PMID: 18039068 [PubMed - in process]. Open Access

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1999- 2001 ACOG Post Graduate Course, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Annual Meeting, SU3, Psychiatry in Ob/Gyn, Course Director, Dr. Melissa Holmes, MD, multiple lectures by myself each year

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GRAND ROUNDS- (1998-current)
February 2007 Kaiser Martinez Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry, “Mood and Menopause”

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October 2005 Contra Costa Psychological Association, “Libido and Menopause”, Lafayette, California

May 2005 Annenberg Foundation Lecture “Libido and Menopause”, Scottsdale, Arizona

May 2005 Herrick Hospital Psychiatry Grand Rounds “Review of Anxiety in Women & Anxiety in General”, Berkeley, California

Apirl 2005 Annenberg Foundation Lecture “Libido and Menopause”, Fresno, California

April 2005 Kaiser Hayward Obstetrics/ Gynecology, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine Grand Rounds “Mood and Menopause”, Hayward, California

April 2005 Good Samaritan Hospital Grand Rounds, "Mood, Libido and Hormones: Differential Diagnosis of Libido Problems in Mid Life Women", San Jose California

March 2005 Sutter Hospital Santa Rosa Psychiatry Grand Rounds “Mood Disorders in the Female Population”, Santa Rosa, California

March 2005 Kaiser Hayward Grand Rounds, “Women and Anxiety”, Hayward, California

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“Mood and Menopause”, “Libido and Menopause” – special two hour grand rounds, Anaheim, California

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July 1999 Kaiser Honolulu Psychiatry Grand Rounds, “Mood and Menopause”, Honolulu, Hawaii

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June 1999 Kaiser Hayward Psychiatry and Pediatric Grand Rounds, “Post Partum Depression”, Redwood City, California

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December 1997 San Francisco Kaiser Hospital Wide Grand Rounds, “Mood and Menopause”, San Francisco, California

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January 1997 South Sacramento Kaiser, Grand Rounds, "Geriatric Psychiatry", Sacramento, California

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May 1982 "A Review of Interictal Psychological Phenomena in Grand Mal and Psychomotor Epilepsy", Grand Rounds, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department, New York University Medical Center, New York City, New York

Sept 2010 John Muir Health Women’s Wellness Center, Living Well Beyond Cancer, Walnut Creek, California, “Hormones, Mood, Menopause, and Cancer”

Sept 2010 Northern California Cancer Society Caregiving, Caregivers, and Cancer Conference, Stanford, California, “Sexuality, Intimacy, Mood, and Depression”, sponsored by NCCS and the Stanford Cancer Center

Feb 2010 9th Annual Allison taylor Holbrooks/Barbara Jo Johnson Breast Cancer Conference, San Francisco, California, “Mood, Depression, and Hormonal Changes in the Breast Cancer Patient”
Feb 2010 Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce Fifth Annual East Bay Women’s Health Conference, “Libido and the Menopausal Transition.”

November 2009 Northern California Cancer Society, Now What? The New Normal of
Cancer Survivorship After Treatment, Mission Bay Conference Center, Saturday, November 14, 2009, San Francisco, California, co sponsored by Stanford and the American Cancer Society

September 2009 Alta Bates Summit Medical Center-Lafayette Women’s Center, The Lifestages Series, Sex and the PrimeTime Couple: It Takes Two…and Men Change Too!, September 17, 2009, Lafayette, California

March 2009 Northern California Cancer Center, 8th Annual Allison Taylor Holbrooks/Barbara Jo Johnson Breast
Cancer Conference, Breakout Session 1, “Sexuality, Sexual Function, and Intimacy”, Breakout Session 2,“Mood/Depression/Hormones”,San Francisco, California, March 7, 2008

November 2008 Northern California Cancer Center, 2nd Annual Cancer Survivorship Conference, Afternoon Break Out Session, Intimacy & Sexuality-Women-Partners, November 8, 2008, San Francisco, California

March 2008 Northern California Cancer Center, 7th Annual Allison Taylor Holbrooks/Barbara Jo Johnson Breast Cancer Conference, Plenary Lecture, “Menopause, Hormones, Sexuality, and Urogenital Changes”, San Francisco, California, March 1, 2008

December 2007 Northern California Cancer Society Survivorship Conference, December 1, 2007, Afternoon Breakout Session on “Female Sexual Function after Cancer”

March 2007 6th Annual Allison Taylor Holbrooks/Barbara Jo Johnson Breast
Cancer Conference, Plenary Lecture, “Mood, Menopausal
Symptoms, and the Breast Cancer Patient”, afternoon
workshop, “Arousal, Urogenital Aging, and Dyspareunia with
Breast Cancer Treatments”, San Francisco, California

October 2006 Community Breast Health Project, “Mood, Menopause, and Sexual Function in the Woman with Breast Cancer”, Palo Alto, California

March 2006 5th Annual Allison Taylor Holbrooks/Barbara Jo Johnson Breast Cancer Conference, “Arousal, Urogenital Aging, and Dyspareunia with Breast Cancer Treatments”, San Francisco, California

April 2005 Valley Women’s Health Conference, “Libido, Menopause, and Hormones”, Fresno, California

March 2005 4th Annual Allison Taylor Holbrooks/Barbara Jo Johnson Breast Cancer Conference, “Arousal, Urogenital Aging, and Dyspareunia with Breast Cancer Treatments”, San Francisco, California

September 2004 KQED, California Health Report, Radio Interview on Depression

October 2003 Alta Bates Conference on Women’s Health, Wellness, and Wisdom “Menopause, Mood, Hot Flashes”, Oakland, California

June 2000 Body in Balance, Kaiser San Francisco Women’s Health Education Day, “Let’s Talk About Sex: Mind, Mood, and Desire”

November, 1989 “Communication Skills,” Training for the Board of Directors, Junior League of San Francisco

1989 “Rape and Women’s Self Defense,” Spring Training, Junior League of San Francisco

2000-2001 Kaiser Permanente and Bristol Myers Squibb, Nefazodone versus SSRI’s in the Treatment of the Affective Disorders of Outpatient Perimenopausal and Post menopausal Women: Focus on Libido, Orgasm, and Sleep, Principal Investigator Liz Gruskin, DrPh, Co-Investigator Jeanne Leventhal, MD, Co-Investigator Robin Dea, MD, Consultants, David Rubinow, MD, Clinical Director, NIMH, and Phillip Sarrel, MD, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Yale (Kaiser Institutional Review Board halted the study midway due to “black box” of Serzone by FDA)

1999-2000 Kaiser Innovations Grant, Screening and Follow-up for Postpartum Depression at Pediatric Well-Baby Visits, Principal Investigators: C. Schaefer, Ph.D., A. Coates, MPH, Barbara Spaulding Anglin, Division of Research, and Jeanne Leventhal, M.D., Kaiser Oakland

1999-2000 Kaiser Permanente-Southern California Wyeth Ayerst Pharmaceuticals, An Open Label Study of Venlafaxine (Effexor XR) for the Prophylaxis of Migraine, Principal Investigator Morris Maizels, MD, Woodland Hills, Co-Investigator Allan Bernstein, Santa Rosa, Kaiser, Co-Investigator Jeanne Leventhal, MD, Oakland, Kaiser

1998-1999 Lilly Pharmaceuticals and Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Grant, Stanford-Kaiser Pharmacoeconomic Study of Depression, Principal Investigators, Dr. Lorrin Koran, Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford, Dr. Jeanne Leventhal, Kaiser Foundation Research Institute, co investigator, Dr. Bruce Fireman, MS, Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

1996-1999 Solvay Pharmaceuticals and Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Grant, Cost Effectiveness of Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in a Managed Care Setting: A Stanford-Kaiser Collaborative Study Principal Investigator, Dr. Lorrin Koran, Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University, co-investigator, Dr. Jeanne Leventhal, Kaiser Foundation Research Institute

1996 Kaiser Foundation Research Grant, “The Correlation Between Menstrual Cycle Phase, Symptom Presentation and Serum Level of Psychotropics in Depressed Females,” Principal Investigator, J. Leventhal, Co-Investigator, Dr. David Baron, NIMH

1978-1979 Neurobehavioral Aspects of Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, and Depression, Neurologic Institute, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

August 1975 Data Analysis, SO54 Apollo Telescope Mount, Center for Astrophysics, Harvard College Observatory-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

July 1975 White Mountain Research Station Barcroft Laboratory (altitude of 12,500 feet), undergraduate research assistant in high altitude physiology research

June-July 1973 Data Analysis, Apollo Telescope Mount SO54 Solar X-ray Experiment, Skylab Space Station, Solar Physics Research Group, American Science and Engineering, Cambridge, Massachusetts

1971-1974 Student Skylab Investigator, National Student Skylab Program, Skylab Experiment ED25, “A Search for X-Rays from Jupiter,” Skylab (AS&E SO54) Astronomy Experiment Team, American Science and Engineering, Mission Control Center, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, during portions of Skylab Missions I, II, and III, 1973
Jeanne L. Alexander MD, Psychiatrist in Berkeley
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Jeanne L. Alexander MD - Psychiatrist in Berkeley, CA
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