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» Provider Directory » Find a Therapist » Florida » Coral Springs Therapists » Therapist Profile

Dr. Ilyssa Hershey

Location: Coral Springs, FL 33065
Phone: View phone number for Dr. Ilyssa Hershey View phone number
Email: Send email to Dr. Ilyssa Hershey Send email
Profession: Psychologist
Services: Psychotherapy/Counseling
Telehealth (Video/Phone) Therapy
In-office Appointments
Session Formats: Individuals
Practice Description: There are times when a person feels they can benefit from having an objective, nonjudgmental, and caring person help them move forward. I work with many individuals who are experiencing anxiety, stress, sadness, or just feel confused or uncertain about the path they are currently taking. You may be in a difficult relationship or feel that your anxiety and fear are preventing you from getting what you really want out of life. Sometimes support and clarification can really empower and motivate you to make changes that lead to better mental and physical health.

My role as a therapist is to provide a safe, caring and nonjudgmental space where you can express yourself with honesty and courage. This will allow me to ask important questions, make comments that may help you see something differently, and reflect what you are feeling and thinking so that you are able to begin to really know who you are and what you need. When you know yourself better, and on a more deeper level, you are better able to make decisions for yourself that will help you live a more happy, peaceful, and healthy life. A therapist helps people see things differently or more clearly so that they can make changes that are right for them. Everyone is unique and when a decision is good for one person it does not mean that same decision would be right for someone else. Everyone's life and journey is unique. The answers are inside you. Are you ready to celebrate your life?

I would be happy to talk to you on the phone to answer your questions. The best way to know if the therapist you choose is right for you is to make that first appointment and meet with them. My experience has been that the strength of the therapeutic relationship itself creates the greatest change.

Patients and colleagues have shared with me their appreciation of my genuine heartfelt concern for them and ability to communicate with sincerity and compassion. I offer a space where one feels safe and comfortable talking about the wonderful and the painful.
Practice Specialties or Interests:

(Strengths are
in bold text)
Chronic Physical Illness
Adjustment Disorder
Life Transitions
Parenting Issues
Personal Growth
Relationship Issues
Sleep Disorders
Stress Management
Women's Issues
Weight Loss
Health/Medical Issues
Age Specialties: Adults
Treatment Approaches: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)
Positive Psychology
Psychodynamic Therapy
Education: Psy.D., Yeshiva University
License #: PY6625
Licensed In: Florida
Additional Licenses/ Certifications: PSYPACT Psychologist/Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) in 40 states.
Professional Affiliations: National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
Accepted Insurance: Any PPO (with Out-of-Network Benefits)
Dr. Ilyssa Hershey, Psychologist in Coral Springs
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In-person and Telehealth
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Years in Practice:  Over 20
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Last Modified: 7/3/2024  

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Dr. Ilyssa Hershey - Psychologist in Coral Springs, FL
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