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Dr. Mitch Keil, Keil Psych Group

Office: Dr. Mitch Keil, Keil Psych Group
260 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: (714) 334-5497
Send e-mail to Dr. Mitch Keil, Keil Psych Group Send e-mail
Web Site:
Profession: Psychologist
Services: Psychotherapy/Counseling
Psychological Evaluations
Psychological Testing
Practice Description:
We are OPEN and continuing to provide psychotherapy to the community.

As essential healthcare providers we are continuing to provide in-person care at Keil Psych Group and have taken several extra measures to ensure office cleanliness. We've augmented daily cleaning procedures with the use of hospital-grade disinfectant products, have made hand sanitizer readily available, and are actively promoting best practices recommended by the CDC. Additionally, we have installed industrial grade air filters/purifiers and are abiding by social distancing mandates by maintaining 6ft between our couches. We sanitize between sessions and make sure all who enter use sanitizer before and after session. Our offices are new, large, and very clean. We are NOT in a medical building and there is very little traffic in our building outside of this practice. It is a very safe place to come for therapy.

If however, you would like to conduct your session via Teletherapy (Phone or FaceTime) during this situation we would be glad to do that and it is an effective way to begin your care before transitioning to in-person therapy after the health crisis passes.

Hello and welcome to my page on Network Therapy! I am a clinical psychologist in private practice here in Newport Beach, CA with expertise in treating anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. I see people anywhere from teen-age to elderly and have been in the field since 2008. You can find out more about me and my areas of expertise as well as my philosophy and approach on my website. Below is a quick synopsis of how I think about and approach therapy.

Essentially, I don't see people as simple diagnoses. I look to discover the person embedded inside a complex web of relationships, histories, and biology. Often times we arrive into therapy with a simple but overwhelming ache - "I'm depressed, anxious, lack passion and direction, I sabotage, I can't stop thinking about the past or worrying about the future, my relationships suck." These are important feelings and we often have an unspoken narrative about these symptoms. However, underneath lies so much more to the story and discovering the roots and subsequently the remedies are the way out. I see these simple explanations as powerful, multidimensional hurts blinking red on the dashboard of your psyche. It is courageous, first, to look down at the dash and even more courageous to call the service center that is psychotherapy.

Into a first session we bring with us that wild combination of genetics that have been intricately woven together with every continuously snowballing life experience that has ever touched us. Each childhood let down, each breakup, each success, accomplishment, failure, passion, loss, the parent whose love we craved but didn't get, the one who didn't show up, the one who could have given us more space, our resulting attachment style, all of it and more. All of these aspects of who we are continuously interacting again and again with our inborn temperament, culture, and the matrix of how that was worked and reworked throughout our childhood and adult life (have I made my case for complex?).

Revealing yourself to yourself is the work of psychotherapy. All this is required is a basic curiosity and a willingness to see and try things differently. Exploring who you are, how you interact with others, the closeness you allow or don't, how you cope, process, grieve etc. are the avenues towards these important discoveries. Even looking into the therapeutic relationship can shine a light on some of these issues whose birthplace was long ago. It is often the case that you will make these connections in therapy and that it will change the way you see yourself and others forever.

In therapy you will learn the skills to manage overpowering feeling states and stop the merry-go-round that is unconscious habits. We prefer familiar, not what is good for us, and so without knowing we can re-create our old worlds again and again into a Groundhogs day of suffering. You can actually wake up in a new world one day and therapy is one of the best experiences I know of to get you there. Therapy has the power to heal the deepest wounds and free you to become the person you were always meant to be - before life's catastrophes, small and large, altered your course. It will help to get you the tools and skills necessary to do just this - through insight, awareness, skills, and new "ways of being." People come out of therapy more mindful, present, and experience a profound shift in the way they relate to their thoughts and emotions. The hallmark sign of good therapy is that you can eventually let go and dialogue with yourself in the similar ways you did with your therapist in sessions.

I'm not sure there's any more important work to be done in life or any more important investment out there and I would love to be your friend and your guide on the journey.

If this sounds like a journey you are up for please reach out to me! I typically spend a few minutes on the phone getting to know you before setting up a first appointment. Even if I won't be your therapist, I am always glad to answer your questions and get you to the right person. I look forward to your contact.
Practice Specialties or Interests:

(Strengths are
in bold text)
Anxiety Disorders/Phobias
Relationship Issues
Infertility Issues
Personal Growth
Teens and Young Adults
Age Specialties: Adolescents
Session Formats: Individual
Treatment Approaches: Family Systems
Education: PsyD, Azusa Pacific University

BA, Chapman University
License #: PSY29644
License State: California
Additional Licenses/ Certifications: Anxiety and Trauma Certified
Relational/Interpersonal Psychodynamic Certified
Holistic Depression Integrative Treatment Certification
Gottman Couples Certified
Professional Affiliations:
Orange County Psychological Association
American Psychological Association
Accepted Insurance: Most PPO Plans via Superbill
Insurance and Billing Instructions: PPO insurance accepted as an "Out of Network" Provider. I can provide documentation necessary ("Superbill") to submit to your carrier for reimbursement.
Office Hours: Varies by clinician. Monday-Friday 10-7 is typical. Dr. Johnson is available Saturday and Sunday.
Additional Comments: Directions to my practice:

It is a five story building just on the outside of Fashion Island. The nearest major cross streets are Avocado and Civic Center. 260 is located on the backside of the "Design Plaza" business complex, once you enter the parking lot please follow the road around to the back and you will see the tall, 5-story, grey and red colored building clearly marked "260". You can park in any vacant space, there is typically plenty of parking and it is all free.

Nearby Orange County cities: Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Orange, Tustin, Corona Del Mar, Laguna Niguel

Dr. Mitch Keil, Keil Psych Group, Psychologist in Newport Beach

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Gender:  Male
Accepting New Clients:  Yes

Keil Psych Group Clinicians

Our Office in Fashion Island, Newport Beach

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Last Modified: 3/30/2020  

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Page Reference: Dr. Mitch Keil, Keil Psych Group - Psychologist in Newport Beach, CA
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