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Dr. Janice Hynes

Office: Dr. Janice Hynes
South Miami, FL 33143
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Web Site:
Profession: Psychologist
Services: Psychotherapy/Counseling
Telehealth (Video/Phone) Therapy
Consultation Services to Employers
Employee Assistance Counseling
Couples Counseling
Pre-Marital Counseling
Pre-Parent Counseling
Skype or out-of-office sessions
Practice Description:
Anxiety and depression are harmful to our immune systems. It is more important than ever to care for ourselves properly at this time. This is my area of expertise and I would be happy to help you. I can help by phone or video or outdoor meeting. I would be happy to discuss my approach and your specific needs at no initial cost. Feel free to call me. Be well and be safe. Dr. Janice Hynes

Hello and Welcome. Free Initial Consultation. My practice is designed to help those dealing with both inner conflict and interpersonal conflict. If you find that you are often your own worst critic, you feel that you are all too often battling yourself, and are exhausted from arguing with yourself and/or others, it would be my pleasure to assist you. My practice offers the client a choice between holding the sessions in my office in Coconut Grove or outside of the office in a number of beautiful settings available in Miami. This allows for the benefits of healing surroundings and the possibility of a more convenient and time-saving location. Additionally, following the initial consultation, phone sessions are available for busy professionals, parents, or for individuals who may find coming to the office a hardship.

I utilize a unique approach that often begins to provide relief in the first or second session. It is a holistic approach that addresses both the physical components of emotions, (understanding the parts of your brain involved in conflict), and the psychological components of emotions, (the different parts of your personality involved in conflict).

When we become overwhelmed by emotions (anxiety, anger, depression, etc.), we lose access to our rational minds and may say or do things that we later regret. My approach provides practical tools that can immediately begin to help you deal with emotions in a more productive and healthy way. This first improves our relationship with ourselves and then improves our relationships with others (spouses, children, coworkers, etc.).

This broad approach is effective across a wide range of psychological difficulties. I would be happy to offer you a free phone consultation so that you and I can discover if we are a good fit to work together. All are welcome!
Practice Specialties or Interests:

(Strengths are
in bold text)
Anxiety Disorders/Phobias
Anger Management
Adjustment Disorder
Gay/Lesbian Issues
Gender Identity
HIV/AIDS-related Issues
Life Transitions
Personal Growth
Relationship Issues
Stress Management
Women's Issues
Emotional Overload
Brain/Chemistry-based approach to Emotions
Gestalt (Resolving Internal Conflicts) Approach
Career Fulfillment
Age Specialties: Adolescents
Session Formats: Individual
Treatment Approaches: Behavioral
Brain-Based Understanding of Emotions
Additional Demographic Expertise: African American
Asian American
Latino American
Middle Eastern
People with Disabilities
Education: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Psy.D.
Nova Southeastern University, 1995

Masters in Clinical Psychology
Nova Southeastern University, 1988
License #: PY7861
License State: Florida
Accepted Insurance: Any PPO (with Out-of-Network Benefits)
Plans with out of network rembursement

Dr. Janice Hynes, Psychologist in South Miami

 Other Practice Locations
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
Palmetto Bay, FL 33176
Miami, FL 33134

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 Additional Information
Years in Practice:  Over 30
Gender:  Female
Accepting New Clients:  Yes
Sliding Fee Scale:  Yes
Prescribe Medication:  No
Wheelchair Accessible:  Yes
Public Transportation:  Yes

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Last Modified: 3/31/2020  

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Page Reference: Dr. Janice Hynes - Psychologist in South Miami, FL
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