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Oceanside Therapists

Find a Therapist in Oceanside, CA

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Therapists 1-6 of 6
Deborah McCoy, LCSW (Oceanside Therapist)
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist   
Deborah McCoy, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker / Therapist in Oceanside
I offer counseling services for adults and couples.. My therapeutic style could be described as intuitive, empathic, friendly - and interested. Although sessions are informal and conversational, I will stay "in the ...

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Deborah McCoy, LCSW
3747 Vista Campana South
Unit 26
Oceanside, CA 92057

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Dr. Summer Silva (15.1 miles from Oceanside)
Dr. Summer Silva, Psychologist near Oceanside
I have extreme passion and enthusiasm for guiding clients through the journey of finding comfort, balance, and happiness in life.

I received my doctorate degree from the California School of Professional Psychology ...

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Summer Silva, PsyD
1637 East Valley Parkway #400
Escondido, CA 92027

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Donald Seldeen, PhD. (19.0 miles from Oceanside)
Donald Seldeen, PhD., Psychologist near Oceanside
During my thirty-seven years as a therapist I’ve successfully treated clients for anxiety, depression, dysfunctional relationships and a variety of other issues that had prevented them from living full and happy lives. ...

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11858 Bernardo Plaza Court
Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92128

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Shelley Thomas, LCSW (19.0 miles from Oceanside)
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist   
Shelley Thomas, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker / Therapist near Oceanside
If you feel overwhelmed, confused or like you're going over the same ground and not making any headway, maybe you're ready for professional assistance. Let's partner together to set goals and find solutions that ...

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Shelley Thomas LCSW
41593 Winchester Rd.
Ste 200
Temecula, CA 92590

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Association for Compassionate Transformation (19.3 miles from Oceanside)
Association for Compassionate Transformation, Psychologist near Oceanside
I have profound passion in guiding clients toward emotional, social, spiritual and professional success. Therapy and coaching can be used in directing personal growth, relationships, family life and career. I specialize ...

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Association for Compassionate Transformation
Aleksandra Drecun, Psy.D.
12526 High Bluff Drive, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92130

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Eliana Kohanzad, MA, LMFT, MDR (22.4 miles from Oceanside)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Eliana Kohanzad, MA, LMFT, MDR, Marriage and Family Therapist near Oceanside
Maybe it’s anxiety, a relationship problem, trauma or emotional pain from long ago. Maybe it’s something that “just doesn’t feel right” or perhaps you just need extra support for a major life decision or situation your ...

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San Diego, CA 92126

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