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Summit Estate Recovery Center
Los Gatos, CA
"Summit Estate Recovery Center is an 6-bed substance abuse rehabilitation center providing customized drug, alcohol, and dual-diagnosis treatment. We are located on 23-acres of manicured lawns, orchards, gardens, and trails, amongst the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Our location is beautiful and secluded, making it the ideal place to leave stress behind and renew ..."

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Therapists in California 
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Juliana Veksler, LMFT (California Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Juliana Veksler, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist in California
"Whether you are dealing with specific issues such as relationship problems, feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger or a vague sense of wanting to grow, Juliana Veksler's hands on techniques can help you. Juliana Veksler’s ..."
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15300 Ventura Blvd. Suite 503-A
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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Dr. Chyneitha Cook, Psy.D. (California Therapist)
Dr. Chyneitha Cook, Psy.D., Psychologist in California
"Are you worried, frustrated, or just plain disappointed with certain situations in your life? Perhaps your issues are current, or maybe they have been resurfacing, year after year, with no resolution. Seeking help is a ..."
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IFC Wellness Center
7177 Brockton Ave. Suite 226
Riverside, CA 92506

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Dr. Julie Mikashus (California Therapist)
Dr. Julie Mikashus, Psychologist in California
"I specialize in helping people who are going through difficult life transitions that are causing symptoms of anxiety, depression, or relationship conflict.

Are you having difficulty adjusting to the end of a ..."
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Julie Mikashus, Psy.D.
597 E. Green St. Suite 202
Pasadena, CA 91101

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Betty Readle, LMFT (California Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Betty Readle, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist in California
"If you are finding difficulty in your relationship, facing challenges, coping with burnout, feeling isolated, or just overwhelmed with the stressors in your life, you don't have to go through this alone. It is time to ..."
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1212 High Street
Auburn, CA 95603

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Tracy Shirley, LCSW (California Therapist)
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist   
Tracy Shirley, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker / Therapist in California
"Choosing a therapist is a difficult process. In the time when you may feel most vulnerable, you are inviting a complete stranger in to discuss very personal information. I believe safety and non-judgment are among the ..."
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28326 Constellation Road, Suite 205
Valencia, CA 91355

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Rick Erlien LMFT (California Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Rick Erlien LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist in California
"I bring a rich background of over 25 years of professional experience as a Psychotherapist with an emphasis on finding solutions. I am solution focused and focus on what the problem is and how do we solve it. ..."
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415 North Highway 101 Suite #A
Solana Beach, CA 92075

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Michael Castellana, LCSW (California Therapist)
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist   
Michael Castellana, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker / Therapist in California
"If you are looking for a therapist, you have already taken an enormous step toward change.

For many years, my practice has been focused on various types of psychological trauma. I have extensive experience ..."
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Landmark Centre
4550 Kearny Villa Road - Suite 214
San Diego, CA 92123

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Julie Myers, PsyD, MSCP (California Therapist)
Julie Myers, PsyD, MSCP, Psychologist in California
"From the very first session, you can receive practical suggestions to help gain self-control over your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I specialize in alcohol and substance abuse, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ..."
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Julie Myers, PsyD
(858) 414-1079
240 9th Street
Del Mar, CA 92014

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Nicole Howell, PhD (California Therapist)
Nicole Howell, PhD, Psychologist in California
"As a Clinical Psychologist, my goal is to alleviate suffering and help you resolve hidden conflicts which stop you from enjoying life to its fullest. I help you understand how events from the past affect your choices ..."
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Nicole Howell, Ph.D.
20700 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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Bruce Watson, LCSW, LMFT (California Therapist)
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist   
Bruce Watson, LCSW, LMFT, Clinical Social Worker / Therapist in California
"I will provide you with a safe and supportive setting, so we can work together to address your concerns and find solutions to those problems that brought you in, whether it's an individual, child or marital situation, ..."
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Conejo Neurofeedback & Counseling
325 E. Hillcrest Drive
Ste. 115
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

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Andrea D. Schoon, MA, LMFT (California Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Andrea D. Schoon, MA, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist in California
"As we walk through life, we are affected by so many events that can change us. Sometimes the change is in the wrong direction, and it is difficult to find your way back. As your therapist, I can help you return to the ..."
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18811 Huntington Street, Suite 250
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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Aurianne J. Dorsay, Ph.D. (California Therapist)
Aurianne J. Dorsay, Ph.D., Psychologist in California
"Adults, children and couples seek my psychotherapy services for a variety of reasons including feeling stuck, anxious, or sad. Through working with me, my clients have reported that they know themselves more deeply and ..."
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Aurianne Dorsay, Ph.D.
1302 Lincoln Ave
Suite 205
San Jose, CA 95125

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Diana Kogan, M.A., LMFT (California Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Diana Kogan, M.A., LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist in California
"I have over 15 years of experience working with clients that struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief, loss and relationship issues. My clinical style is gentle and caring with a focus on helping my ..."
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1000 Quail St. Suite 135
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Sara Cote, MA, LMFT (California Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Sara Cote, MA, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist in California
"Relationships, whether they are intimate, friendly, parental or business types, can be extremely challenging, confusing and frustrating. I would like to help you in achieving self esteem, get in touch with feelings and ..."
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25050 Peachland, Suite 250
Newhall, CA 91321

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Diana Shulman, J.D., Ph.D. (California Therapist)
Research Psychoanalyst   
Diana Shulman, J.D., Ph.D., Research Psychoanalyst in California
"Are you feeling stuck with the way things are—hopeless about the future? Whether you're looking for couples' therapy or individual treatment, the accelerated forms of therapy I use can help you go straight to the heart ..."
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1416 Westwood Blvd., #201
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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Debbie Bauer, MA, LMFT (California Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Debbie Bauer, MA, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist in California
"I help people get through difficult times in their lives. I believe in the potential of each person to successfully meet life's challenges.

We will collaborate to work through obstacles and help you regain ..."
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Debbie Bauer, MFT
2255 Morello Ave
Suite 103
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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Debra Warner, M.S. Marriage Family Therapy Registered Intern #67155 (California Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist Intern   
Debra Warner, M.S. Marriage Family Therapy Registered Intern #67155, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in California
"Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. As a solution-focused therapist, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life ..."
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Kairos Counseling Center
850 Hampshire Road
Suite E
Westlake Village, CA 91361

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Andrea E. Parsons, LCSW (California Therapist)
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist   
Andrea E. Parsons, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker / Therapist in California
"I am here to help you resolve the issues preventing you from leading the life that you want. I have extensive experience counseling individuals who have felt that their situation was hopeless. Through a collaborative, ..."
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39 Quail Court
Suite 205
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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Kristen Gaborno, M.A., LMFT (California Therapist)
Marriage and Family Therapist   
Kristen Gaborno, M.A., LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist in California
"Are you longing to feel a sense of contentment in your life? If you find it difficult to talk about feelings and are often left unsatisfied in your daily life, change is possible. I specialize in adult and teen ..."
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222. W. Main Street, Suite 203
Tustin, CA 92780

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Oscar F. Cervantes, Ph.D. (California Therapist)
Oscar F. Cervantes, Ph.D., Psychologist in California
"Dr. Oscar F. Cervantes is a bicultural, Spanish /English bilingual clinical psychologist with a Masters in Sciences in Clinical Counseling and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with over 28 years of academic and clinical ..."
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Dr. Oscar F. Cervantes Clinical Psychologist Inc.
715 El Camino Real, Suite 209
San Bruno, CA 94066

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