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Find a therapist or treatment center in your local area. Our Provider Directory offers a searchable database of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and treatment centers nationwide dedicated to providing treatment services and support for those with mental health concerns.

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Access up-to-date and authoritative information on mental health disorders and conditions, psychotropic medications, and various theoretical approaches to counseling and psychotherapy. Browse our comprehensive news archive or look up definitions of commonly used mental health terms.

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Our Resource Center offers quick access to information on local and online support groups, national toll-free hotlines, mental health books, and an extensive collection of Web sites annotated and organized by mental health topic.

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Our services are designed specifically to help psychologists, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and other mental health providers build and maintain a dynamic online presence and gain valuable exposure to new clients/patients and referral sources.

List your practice or treatment center in our Provider Directory and reach a broader and more targeted audience than traditional yellow page listings. Tap into a steady stream of potential clients actively seeking local therapy and counseling services. Communicate in detail your unique credentials and expertise.

Supplement your directory profile with a professionally designed custom website that can be tailored to address the distinctive needs and goals of your practice or organization.

Attract more visitors to your profile or website by submitting an article for publication in our Mental Health Library. Your article will be prominently featured along with a brief author bio and a link to your therapist profile.

Featured Therapist
A. Raja Hornstein, PsyD
San Rafael, CA
"I help people affected by loss including people dealing with grief, facing death, or coping with illness, but if you think of your own situation you might realize that loss is playing a role in your search for a therapist. I can help if you are struggling with: depression or other mood issues; aging or life-threatening illness; relationship difficulties or emotionally-based ..."

   in Mental Health
Lack of Sleep Increases a Child's Risk for Emotional Disorders Later: NIH-funded Study Reveals Long-term Emotional Effects of Poor Sleep
University of Houston - 7/22/2016
Behavioural Activation as effective as CBT for depression, at lower cost
University of Exeter - 7/22/2016
One-third of students report elevated psychological distress, survey shows: Screen time, social media use and problem gaming are on the rise
ScienceDaily - 7/21/2016
Gay, lesbian and bisexual youth have higher rates of disordered eating behaviours: UBC study
University of British Columbia - 7/21/2016
One-third of women with ADHD have anxiety disorders, almost half have considered suicide
EurekAlert - 7/20/2016
Do ADHD Medicines Boost Substance Abuse Risk? Chances were actually lower the earlier stimulants were started, and the longer they were taken
HealthDay - 7/15/2016
Study Points to Fast-Acting Drug for OCD
Duke University - 7/15/2016
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